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Change Lives As A Volunteer

VolunteerWhile the extent of most non-African citizen’s understanding of this grand continent is limited to The Discovery Channel or National Geographic, there are better opportunities to immerse yourself in Africa’s rich culture at the click of the mouse. This opportunity is one of purpose, transcending the role of a mere tourist to become an active part in the ecological and societal betterment of South Africa. There are 11 projects to choose from in becoming a South Africa volunteer, with duties ranging from work in wildlife preserves and sanctuaries to assisting the young and sick. That means 11 different ways to make a difference worldwide while achieving spiritual fulfillment.

Ensuring your trip as a volunteer is facilitated by a highly-rated tourism company affords you many benefits. A safety-conscious company will afford every precaution to ensure that the volunteer reaps 100% of the enjoyment in their work and 0% of the risk. Volunteers are promptly met at the airport by staff members, given extensive training, guaranteed immediate medical attention in the unlikely event of illness, and provided with internet to ensure timely correspondence with their loved ones back home.

A tourism company also provides a variety of charity options, so your efforts can go towards the animal welfare or humanitarian cause of your choice. The most popular projects organized through Volunteer Southern Africa involve work with cheetahs, baby rhinos, and big cats. This is for anyone who’s ever wanted to share a field with the world's fastest land animal, be a temporary parent to a young rhinoceros, maybe even witness a lion or tiger make its first kill. One of the coolest things about these programs is that Volunteer Southern Africa has designed them the eventual goal of releasing the eponymous animals into the wild, something that can’t be done with every species of wildlife. That's because they are truly committed to providing eco-friendly, sustainable volunteer work. Check out their website Volunteersa.com/about-us to learn more.

For those that prefer the equally prestigious honor of making a difference in a fellow human's life, there is the opportunity to volunteer your time with disenfranchised orphans. While light construction and other activities are part of the plan, the majority of the time in this program is spent interacting and helping out the youth of South Africa. It’s a distinctly grounding feeling that stays with you long after you’ve left the camp.

Whichever you choose, a volunteer tourism company can connect you with those animals and children who need your help the most. By helping others on the ground floor, you'll have a unique experience of South Africa and create long-lasting relationships with your fellow volunteers. Learning about this amazing country, contributing to the greater good, and learning a bit about yourself along the way is the recipe for your best holiday yet.

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