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Alkaline Ionized Water vs. Alkaline Water

Looking for alkaline water health benefits? Here are some important things you should know. Alkaline water is becoming more and more popular. You may have seen bottled alkaline water in your grocery store lately. Things like PH 8.8 water and PH 9.5 water.

But what is “alkaline water” and how can we be sure it is beneficial? How can you be sure you are getting what your paying for?

Alkaline Water Benefits: A common misconception.

Alkaline_WaterWater with a PH of 7.0 is neutral, anything below 7.0 is acidic and anything above 7.0 is alkaline.

You may have seen YouTube videos of people making alkaline water by adding baking soda to water, or adding some other mineral or chemical additive. While adding minerals or baking soda does raise the PH of the water above 7.0 and hence makes it alkaline, it does not deliver any health benefits.

Alkaline Ionized Water vs Alkaline Water

There is something called electrolyzed reduced water, or reduced water, or alkaline ionized water. This is the water that is created by the water electrolysis process. If you are looking for health benefits, then this is the water that you want to drink, and it is very important for your to understand the difference between this water and “baking soda water” or water that simply has minerals added to it to raise it’s PH.

Clever companies are selling higher PH bottled water and additives to water that raise it’s PH making it alkaline. They are selling this because the number of people looking for alkaline water benefits is ever increasing. These companies however are perpetrating what can only be looked at as an “alkaline water scam”, or a manipulation or people, based off their own ignorance.

If you are buying this water for its health benefits, you will find no health benefits in drinking simple alkaline water. You will only get the health benefits from drinking alkaline ionized water.

Why is that so?


Reduced water is created by separating the alkaline and acidic minerals present in water. This can only be done with water electrolysis. This process imparts the beneficial properties of -ORP, higher PH, and micro clustering. It works like this, the alkaline and acidic minerals are separated from the source water via electromagnetic fields between the water ionizer plates inside the electrolysis chamber. This process breaks the hydrogen bonds between the water molecules and creates what scientist call “reduced water”. This water has smaller water cluster size, negative Oxidation Reduction Potential, and a higher PH. -ORP is what actually delivers the health benefits. The abundance of negatively charged ions you drink in alkaline ionized water act as additional antioxidants inside your body neutralizing positively charged free radicals. These three properties, higher PH, -ORP, and micro clustering are only created by ionization. Adding minerals or baking soda to water does not impart these beneficial properties, it simply raises the PH, allowing companies to call it “alkaline water”, so it can be marketed to the uninformed consumer.

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