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About Theatre Casters

Caster TerminologyFew people in the theater audience know about the secret behind smooth transitions from one scene to another. This is actually a good thing since seamlessly transitioning between scenes keeps the magic of the production alive. A set decked out as a quaint cottage can become a magical forest in a matter of seconds thanks to the set designer’s secret weapon, the swivel caster. Swivel casters are those swiveling wheels we encounter in everyday life but often take for granted. They have many uses, including commercial and industrial dollies, tables, shopping carts, office chairs, and of course, for moving set pieces in theater productions. Over 50,000 models of these swiveling wheels are on the market today, such as the ones available on this site. It’s easy to take the humble caster for granted, but there’s no doubt that theater productions wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for these wheeled blessings.

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The most popular casters for theater productions are quad casters, since they have five swiveling points that make them very easy to turn. This makes changing out props between scenes quick and easy. They also have a variety of locking options so that props don’t roll around onstage once they’re in place. Quad casters also have a number of connection types you can choose from. These include the threaded stem, the grip ring stem, the top plate with kingpin, and the kingpin-less stem. This gives you a lot more flexibility when connecting your props to the caster. When wheeling around heavy items, choose from heavy duty casters that feature a top plate for welding or bolting to the object. Usually set pieces use bolts or screws to connect to casters. That way, the casters can be easily removed when it’s time to store set pieces. They can also be easily attached again when needed.

Casters are indeed unsung heroes in theater productions. Without them, putting on a play or musical would be quite the laborious, clunky affair. Casters are hard at work behind, and under the scenes of successful theater productions. Make sure you choose and employ the ones that are just right for your productions.

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