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6 Ways to Make Moving a Near Stress-Free Experience

Many people experience a significant amount of stress while moving from one house to another. There can be a lot to do in the lead-up to the big day, all while carrying out your normal daily activities like work and school. However, there are undoubtedly many ways to reduce your stress levels and make the moving process much easier than you thought possible. If the ‘sold’ sign has gone up on your home, and you’re getting ready to move out, you might like to do some of the following things.

Don’t Leave Everything Until the Last Minute

While it can be tempting to carry on with life as usual until moving day is just around the corner, there’s value in preparing weeks beforehand. Consider packing possessions you don’t frequently use, such as items stored in garaging, basements, and attics. It’s easy to underestimate just how much you need to organize, which might mean you have less time than you think to have everything in order.

Purchase Packaging Materials in Advance

Safe and secure packaging can be necessary to ensure your possessions remain intact as you move them from one location to another. As you start getting ready to pack, purchase enough boxes or containers, bubble wrap, packaging tape, and marker pens to package everything securely.

You might also like to purchase furniture protection packaging such as polyfoam, corner protectors, and plastic covers to prevent damage on furniture trucks with removal companies. While packaging can take a considerable amount of time, it can be worth it when you don’t have to replace items that got damaged in transit.

Clear the Clutter

It can be easier than you think to accumulate possessions over time. You might have prided yourself on living a minimalist lifestyle, but several purchases over the years in your property can start to add up.

However, the less you take with you, the less you need to pack at your current home and unpack at your new location. Consider looking for charity donation pickup services and donation centers to give your unwanted furniture and assorted items to someone in need. You may even be able to have your good-quality possessions picked up rather than finding time in your busy schedule to deliver them to a donation center.

With fewer items to pack, you might save money on packaging materials and transport fees while cutting down the time it takes to prepare everything for the move.

Make Arrangements for Pets and Children

Moving to a new location can be overwhelming for pets and children. Some people can also find it challenging to provide them with the supervision they need when there can be so much to organize on moving day.

To keep stress levels to a minimum and ensure your pets and children are well taken care of, consider making alternative arrangements for them. You might like to hire a babysitter or ask a family member to take care of the children for a few days and inquire with your local catteries and kennels about accommodation for pets.

Once you’re moved into your new property and have made sure it’s safe and secure with appropriate fencing, you can welcome your pets and children to their new home in the most stress-free way possible.

Don’t Forget to Forward Your Mail

After living in the same property for several years, it’s easy to forget just how many companies have your current address. You might remember to change the most important ones like electricity and gas, but a few businesses might slip through the cracks.

Consider submitting a permanent change-of-address request to have all mail forwarded to your new address without worrying about it being sent to your old property. As your redirected mail arrives at your new home, you can contact each company and change your address until it’s no longer a concern. Alternatively, you might feel comfortable leaving your new address with your old home’s new occupants and asking if they could forward your mail to you.

Change Schools, Vets, and Services in Advance

If you plan to move out of the area to a new town, city, or state, you might need to change your service providers, education facilities, and vet clinics for convenience. Rather than waiting until you urgently require these services, consider organizing your enrollments in advance.

As long as you know your new address and can confirm all the essential information they require, you may not need to wait until after you move to tackle these tasks.

You might not be able to make moving an entirely stress-free experience, but there’s no reason why it has to be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Make a plan, declutter your home, and prepare as much in advance as you can. By the time the big day arrives, you might be much more organized than you thought possible.

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