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3 Most Popular Stretchers and How to Use Them

Whenever an accident occurs or when a person is taken to a hospital, there are several things that become extremely necessary. One of them is surely a stretcher. There are different types of stretchers available. And almost all of them are made with the view of making it easier to carry the patients fast to the necessary spot - be it to the operation theatre, intensive care unit, or any other place in the hospital. So, it is extremely important to have a stretcher in a hospital.

Even if there is a stretcher in a hospital, it might not come in extremely handy at times.

Wondering when?

If there is no person who is an expert in handling a stretcher, you might find a mobile stretcher remain unused even when it could have been of great benefit to transport a patient. So, it is necessary to remain aware of the ways of using different types of stretchers.

Here's a quick look at some of them.

The Flexible Stretcher

Among the different types of stretchers that have become quite popular over time are surely the flexible stretchers. These are among the ones, which are used most frequently these days in hospitals and even on roads and fields. A flexible stretcher has a number of slats made from wood or other materials, such as fiber. These slats can be replaced or removed whenever necessary. The flexible stretchers are usually:

  • durable
  • lightweight
  • portable

The flexible stretchers are also soft and true to their name, the bodies of these stretchers can be folded, if necessary. So, it's not a great hassle if you are looking to carry such a stretcher from one place to another to the spot of an accident or from a hospital room to an ambulance, especially when there's no patient on it. Thus, these stretchers can come in handy if you are looking for an easy way to shift the patient from one place to another. This is also driving the popularity of the stretchers with every passing day.

The Ambulance Stretcher

The cot pram or the ambulance stretcher, no doubt, is one of the most efficient forms of stretchers available around. And it is quite expensive as well. These stretchers are quite common among them most popular hospitals, which are known to offer the best healthcare services.


The ambulance stretchers usually have foamed cushions for the patients to sleep on. The backrest is also adjustable, so that the patient does not have any problem sleeping on it. These stretchers have a low frame. So, they can be used to bring the patient up from the ground as well. Both ends of the stretcher can be used to transport the patients, thus making them handier.

However, these stretchers are associated only with the ambulance. And they cannot be taken upstairs. So, another kind of stretcher is also necessary after the cot pram is used to bring the patient down from the ambulance stretcher. The cot pram also has adjustable handles on both sides of the bed. They are used to

Stretcher cum Chair

This is kind of unique, but is, of course, one of the most popular types of stretchers used by the healthcare professionals. This kind of stretcher is meant for almost every kind of transport. And this stretcher also has:

  • four wheels
  • overturning footboard
  • folding arms

So, the chair can be turned into a stretcher, when necessary. There are four back levers in the stretcher. These are of use when it is being taken up the stairs. The sliding side levers can be used to adjust the height as well as the length of the stretcher. Besides, there’s also an automatic blocking device. This ensures that the chair remains in shape while in use.

There are different types of stretchers available. And they should be used properly as well. Only then these stretchers can come in handy to transport the patients from one place to another for perfect treatment.

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