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19 Less-known Ways to Get Through Hard Times

Unforeseen events arise in our lives. As useful knowledge is never enough, in this article we will give you some examples of actions that we can take to minimize risks both to ourselves and to those of our environment. We invite you to read the article entirely.

1. Reduce dependence on technology

Since addiction to modern technology can definitely be counted as a disease of our time, it is hard for us to realize how much we are dependent on modern technology. It turns out that in the event of a prolonged blackout, our life will change to such an extent that it can be very difficult for us to find ourselves in this type of situation. It is worth mentioning that, despite the fact that modern technology offers us a large number of new possibilities, this is also the reason why we depend on this type of assistance. We do not need to know how to wash by hand because we have fast and efficient washing machines. Today we can handle all financial matters with the help of the Internet. We don’t need to know how to keep food for a long time because refrigerators do their job very well. We have constant access to news sources from around the world through our phones. However, let’s think what would happen the moment we ran out of all these things. While we don’t recommend giving up modern technology, we do recommend learning to use analog tools and becoming more educated in survival methods at the same time.

2. Quit addictions

Each of us is aware that all our addictions have a very negative impact on our lives. But despite this, we find it very difficult to unlearn bad habits. If we want to prepare well for difficult times, it can be crucial to make a firm resolution to give up all addictions. If we are heavy smokers, we know very well how bad we feel when we do not have access to a cigarette for a long time. There may come a time when access to stimulants is very limited. This does not mean, of course, that we have to give up all pleasures immediately. All we have to do is control our addictions.

3. Replenish your drug supply

History has repeatedly shown that if there is an armed conflict or an economic collapse there is an immediate shortage of access to medicines. This is especially dangerous for people who need proper medication to survive. However, even if we are totally healthy people, a supply of pain relievers and fever reducers will certainly be a good idea. We don’t have to buy the entire pharmacy at once, but let’s make sure we always have an adequate supply of medicine.

4. Increase stocks of essential products and items for you

If there is something you use on a daily basis that it would be difficult for you to function normally without, then we should always have an adequate supply of these products. Since supplies are definitely cut off in wartime, we may not be able to obtain the products in question. Therefore, it is important that we either get an adequate supply or stop using these products. As a last resort, we can also look for suitable alternatives.

5. Take care of your mental and physical shape

Proper mental and physical shape is essential, regardless of the situation we find ourselves in. Remember that the proper functioning of our body directly reflects the quality of our life. Let’s make sure we’re in shape. Apart from the obvious aesthetic qualities, this will also provide us with a good dose of energy for action, which can be essential in difficult times. However, let’s not just limit ourselves to the physical aspects. Also, our psyche must be kept in good shape. Let’s remember that each of us needs some rest and solace. Therefore, we must always maintain a balance between hard work and rest.

6. Try to cure your diseases in advance

Let’s never put off something we can do today. This golden rule works perfectly when it comes to our health. If we know that we have health defects that we can cure, we must do so immediately. This is because it may turn out that in the future our condition worsens and we have neither the means nor the opportunity for treatment. With this approach, we will always be prepared for the unexpected.

7. Learn how barter trade works

Our history during the reign of communism has fantastically demonstrated how poor money is as a vehicle of value. We too easily let ourselves believe that we can always exchange our money for products. Since it may turn out that at some point our money will only be worth what the paper it is produced on, we must look for an alternative way of trading. The answer to this problem may be barter trading. Our ancestors have always seized the opportunity to acquire goods that they could later exchange for others that we would need at that moment. Bartering consists precisely in exchanging goods for other goods. There is always someone who needs just what we don’t need. However,

8. Learn self-defense

It is always useful to know how to defend yourself. Regardless of the time we live in, it can happen to us that we have to fight. However, you have to remember that unlike in the movies, in reality, the best option is to run away. However, if we do not have that option then we must know how to defend ourselves. Learning self-defense is a great option. It will develop not only our fighting skills but also our body and mind. We will also get used to pain and stressful situations.

9. Take care of the security of your home

Our home should be like a fortress. Let’s make sure that no one uninvited can easily enter our house or apartment. A good burglar door should be mandatory. Let’s make sure our windows are well made, and if we see fit, let’s also install burglar-proof blinds. One of the best ways to deter a potential attacker is to install cameras. In this way, we will also have a constant vision of what happens around our house when we ourselves are in another place.

10. Adopt a dog

It is said that the dog is man’s best friend. For centuries, dogs have served not only as companions but also as guarantors of security. Even if we are talking about breeds that do not necessarily belong to the aggressive ones, our dog can easily serve as a walking alarm against strangers who venture into the vicinity of our house. A proper sign indicating the presence of a dog on the property can also deter would-be thieves.

11. Find out where the shelters are located in your area

In case of assaults, we must know in advance where we can go. We must check which shelters are in our area and if they are accessible to civilians in case of shelling. Let’s read how our shelters are secured and what we should take with us at the time of an alarm. A quick response, when the alarm goes off, can save us from the worst.

12. Stock up on the necessary tools and materials

It is difficult to repair or build anything if we do not have the necessary knowledge for it but above all the tools and materials. If you have the opportunity, you should stock up on everything you need to make repairs and upgrades easily.

13. Learn the art of repairing and doing daily necessities

Even the best tools will be of no use if you don’t have at least the basic skill to use them. The same goes for repairs or improvements. It may turn out that if you try to fix something without adequate knowledge in this area, you will not only put yourself in danger but also probably cause more problems.

14. Take care of all minor repairs

Since practice is the best teacher, after arming ourselves with the right equipment and basic repair theory, we must use our knowledge to repair any defects in our environment. In this way, we will quickly gain the necessary familiarity when carrying out this activity.

15. Take care of the source of energy and additional heating

Electricity and heating are just as important to us as food and safety. That is why we must make sure that we are protected in this field. We must stock up on devices that make us self-sufficient, even if temporarily. This will give us more time to take control of the situation.

16. Find out where you can get drinking water

Without water, we can’t last long. Therefore, properly securing this issue should be a priority for us once we feel more secure. Let’s find out if there is a drinking water point in our area. If we have that possibility, a great solution would be our own deep well. If we do not have such a possibility then we are left with the purchase of suitable water filters.

17. Provide adequate clothing

We should always have a set of clothes for different occasions and temperatures. Getting too cold or too hot can cause incredible discomfort and unnecessary expense. Therefore, we must always make sure we have all the clothes we may need.

18. Maintain good relationships with family, neighbors, and friends

As humans, we are pack creatures. It is always easier to solve complicated situations in the company of others than being alone. Developing our relationships with those around us will allow us to do much more than if we act alone.

19. Practice faith

Although for some people faith is a superstition, there is no arguing that for millions of us it is an important source of comfort in difficult times. Religion is not just a set of rules, but also solutions to many difficulties. It’s also a help-focused community, which can come in handy during tough times.

In conclusion, there is always something we can do to be better prepared for difficult times. We hope that reading this article will keep you safe in case of unfortunate situations in your life.

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