Things Not to Buy Secondhand

You want to make an improvement in your home but you don’t want to spend too much money on it? If your low financial status overweights your savings and you absolutely sure you can find everything you need at the garage sell a few blocks away, it’s a good idea to seize the moment.

Buying things secondhand is pretty common these days because it can help you transform your home the way you want it to be or make a bargain and find a product that you would normally spend a fortune on. And that’s not all. Internet made everything quicker and easier and you can practically find everything you need on the web, no matter if we are talking about cookware, child cribs, laptops or a pair of used sneakers.

However, there are some things you should NOT buy secondhand - not now, not ever, no matter how great the bargain seems to be! Here is a small list with the items that we find unwise to buy secondhand whether you have found it at the garage sell next door or on the web.

1. Lingerie
Do you find it comfortable wearing someone else’s thongs and bras? We don’t. And what is more important - most people don’t. The reasons? Let’s see - it’s unhygienic, it’s too intimate, it’s gross! All of this applies not only to lingerie, but also to wet suits and swimsuits.1 If we should put that in other words - buy your underwear from specialized stores and don’t be tempted by "bargains". None exceptions made. It’s just safer.

2. Footwear
Not a foot fetishist, huh? Neither are we. And we have a few good reasons for you not to buy your shoes secondhand. Actually, the case is pretty much the same as the one with your lingerie - these things are personal items you better don’t buy a pair of used ones. And germs, way too much germs. After all, you don’t really know whose feet used to be there, right? But that’s not the only reason to talk you out of buying a pair of secondhand shoes. Sometimes you just can’t be aware of all the flaws of the product, and this can cause discomfort, pain and even injuries. 2
3. Child Cribs
It may seems to you that you will save a lot of money buying an used crib for your baby, but we think you better spend a bit more than relying on something you have bought on-line, for example. Why shouldn’t you choose a secondhand crib for your child? It’s simple - some toddlers are way too energetic and might have damaged their crib in a way you can’t really see at first. You don’t want to put your baby in a potential risk, right? We bet you don’t. Then go and buy a new crib and don’t rely on an already used one. 3
4. Laptops
You are looking for a new laptop and it seems that you have finally found your dreamed one? It’s way more cheap from the one you saw in the specialized store last week and on the surface of it there seems to lack any visible flaws. Actually, that’s the problem. Most laptops that are sold secondhand are most likely to be dropped, spilled on or bumped into something. Don’t take the risk of buying a laptop with a defect, because it is very likely to spend much more money repairing it than you have expected at the beginning. 4
5. Upholstery furniture
Are you familiar with the fact that in the upholstery furniture in your home there is dust, house dust mites and thousands of allergens? Now imagine the amount of allergens gathered in the sofa you’ve just bought from the kind old lady, who have used that sofa for what - twelve years? Fifteen? You don’t like it that much now, huh? You may want to use the services of to make it like brand new or you may leave it like that?5
6. Sheets, pillowcases, mattresses
Of course, we know you wash your sheets and pillowcases with some hot water but this actually don’t save you the inconvenience of sleeping with someone else’s stuff. And by "someone else’s stuff" we mean it all - mold, bacteria, germs and bodily fluids. Should we say something more about that or that’s pretty much enough for you to just leave the idea of buying those awesome secondhand satin sheets?6
7. Vacuum cleaners
We all use our vacuum cleaner almost every day in order to keep our place clean. Every housewife creates a special bond with her vacuum cleaner and house cleaning appliances but no matter we do, this bond can’t last forever. So, if you want something that will help you well dusting and vacuuming the whole house, you better choose a new vacuum cleaner. If you buy a used one anyway, make sure you test its work thoroughly. 7

8. Cookware
Even the appliances that are supposed to have a non-stick surface have a certain lifetime. This means that after being used for a few years, secondhand cookware is not a good investment. After all, you are supposed to be preparing your and your family’s food in there and you don’t want to use pots, plates and other cookware with rusty or damaged surface. 8
9. Car tires
Why aren’t we suggesting you any used tires? The answer is pretty simple - this may seem like the bargain of your life but you may really put your safety in a potential danger by buying secondhand tires. The problem is that they may be too worn-out, which makes them absolutely inappropriate, unstable and unreliable. So, make yourself and everybody else a favor, buy yourself new tires and prevent any life-threatening situations on the road. 9
10. Fragrance and make-up
We are all familiar with the small letters forming two simple words on the back of our perfumes or different sets of wake-up-"use before". So, it is not a great idea to buy cosmetics that has expired or even worse - that was used by somebody else, because all this can lead to allergic reactions and many other problems with your skin.10

If you have any questions, please ask below!