How To Buy An Affordable And Beautiful Diamond Engagement Rings Online

eternity ringsEngagement rings are one of the most significant and precious purchases in your entire lifetime. It is a mesmerizing gift marking a milestone in your relationship.

However, it’s no secret that diamonds can be exorbitantly expensive. But did you know you can save substantial amounts of your hard-earned money when you follow certain tricks and buy diamond ring online?

Yes, diamond rings at online stores are comparatively affordable than brick and mortar stores for several reasons. The first reso is that they don’t require to invest substantial amounts in the lavish decor and maintenance of the store.

Additionally, the sourcing and storage of diamonds are different from that of the physical stores.

In this article, we’ve presented a guide to help you buy affordable diamond engagement rings online.

Sounds exciting? Let’s get started!

Determine Your Budget

The online stores are filled with magnificent, breathtaking designs. And if you don’t decide your budget before browsing the collection, your shopping journey can become overwhelming. So, what affects the total price of your ring? Various factors can contribute to the total cost of your ring. The four major components include:

  • The type of the precious metal
  • The 4Cs of your diamond
  • Precious or semi-precious gemstones (if included)
  • The intricacy of the design (craftsmanship charges, design costs, etc.)

Therefore, it is recommended that you decide your budget before you jump in to browse the exquisite collection and end up spending extravagantly to buy diamond engagement rings.

Understand The 4Cs Of Your Diamond

Now that you’ve decided on the budget let’s get to know and understand the diamonds. The 4Cs of diamonds signify color, cut, carat and clarity. Out of this cut is the most crucial one.

Without a good cut, even the best clarity and whitest stones wouldn’t emanate the glamorous spark. Cut signifies how the stone interacts with light. Carat indicates the weight, and color denotes the natural tint present in the diamonds. The clarity determines how pure and how many imperfections do your diamonds have.

Sometimes you can opt for lower carat and lower clarity stones where the difference isn’t visible with the naked human eyes. For example, VS (very slightly included) and VVS(very slightly included) might not have any difference at all with the naked eye. However, the cost can significantly vary. In such cases, choosing the VS diamonds can reduce the total cost of the diamond.

Similarly, in a yellow or rose gold setting, a lower color grade might look exquisitely beautiful and also have a lower price tag. In fact, sometimes a higher 1carat princess cur diamond may have an optical illusion to look smaller than a 0.6-0.5 carat of a pear-shaped diamond.

Include Gemstones If You Love Them

Your diamond engagement rings don’t need to have an all-diamond setting. You can play with the colorful precious and semi-precious gemstones. Sapphires and rubies are the most common precious metal used in diamond engagement rings online.

You can choose a sapphire or ruby central stone and diamond halo. Or you can go for a diamond eternity setting with a colored gemstone in the middle of a center stone. A central round-cut diamond with ruby and emerald halo can give your ring and grandiose and gorgeous appeal. For vintage designs, you play with your own unique creativity to craft the perfect ring for your partner.

These precious gemstones don’t just enhance the uniqueness and magnificence of your engagement ring, but they come at a lower cost than diamonds.

Choose The Precious Metals

Platinum is the most loved and prevalent choice amongst couples for engagement ring settings. This is due to its durability, hypoallergenic nature, and appealing finish. However, platinum isn’t the only option when you buy diamond ring online.

The pristine white, classic yellow or modern rose gold are remarkable metal choices having a more modest price tag than platinum.

If you adore the classic, sophisticated appeal of the silvery-white patina of platinum, consider a white gold setting. A pristine white gold metal offers to replicate the composition and appearance of platinum at a lower price.

Time To Rethink The Setting

If you think a high-carat solitaire setting is the least expensive choice you’ve got for diamond engagement rings online, think twice!

A spectacular way to impart a glamorous, eye-catching appeal to your engagement ring while respecting your budget is by opting for a more detailed or intricate setting.

It’s no secret that the price of a stone increases exponentially with size. Smaller accent diamonds or any other gemstones are much more affordable than larger, higher-carat stones.

Therefore creating a ring setting design with diamond/gemstones accents is a smart way to create a stunning brilliant ring without draining your budget on a large center diamond.

When you buy diamond engagement rings from a reputable online store, you’ll always have the choice to upgrade your stone later.

One great design is a halo diamond engagement ring, where small accent diamonds encircle features a center gemstone completely. This setting is specifically popular for creating the illusion of a larger center gem.

If you want a balanced blend of glamor and elegance, choose special details, such as milgrain setting, hand-engraving, filigree, etc.

Think Customisation

With pre-made and pre-fabricated diamond rings, you can’t control the pricing of the ring. But when you go for a customized engagement ring, you can control every budget factor for your ring- the metal, 4Cs, gemstone setting, design, style, etc.

Unlike pre-drilled and mass-produced rings, a customized engagement ring will have your personal touch, unique quotient and will be created just for you. Doesn’t your unique love story deserve this precious engagement ring?

If you have any questions, please ask below!