5 Clever Water Bottle Designs

Bottled water is quickly losing our favor as the world becomes more environmentally conscious. And in its place, a new and thriving market of reusable water bottles is on the rise. In a world where people are eco-friendly, design-conscious, and tech-obsessed, water bottle designs have come to merge aesthetics with function and technicality.

What was once just a vessel for drinking water is now a multi-purpose object that combines slick design and utility. Here are 5 clever water bottle designs that embody exactly what we’re talking about: forward-thinking, design aesthetic, and eco-consciousness.

  1. LARQ

Dubbed “the world’s first self-cleaning bottle”, this is LARQ’s first water bottle design, and boy is it a good one. Besides looking sleek, polished, and damn beautiful, the bottle also features the world’s first portable water purification system. The design utilizes a UV light filter that can sterilize and kill up to 99.9% of bottle bacteria – and in only 60 seconds. You can activate this UV filtration system at the push of a button, or the bottle will automatically do it for you every two hours. The system uses a rechargeable battery that lasts up to two months once fully charged. Couple this amazing system with the easy-grip matte finish, and this may just be our favorite water bottle in the world.

  1. Stay Sixty

This is a seriously cool water bottle for the eco-conscious person who has an eye for good design. Made from food-grade, BPS-free electropolished stainless steel, and available in 4 incredible finishes, there’s a lot to love about this bottle. Our favorite part of the design is the patented TwistCTRL sip cap that lets you easily sip on water or coffee on the go, without having to remove the cap. With a natural 360-degree drink-through design, you never even have to take the lid off at all if you don’t want to. Besides making hydration effortless, the bottle also features a CarryCollar neck ring that makes it super easy to carry around. What’s not to love about this beauty?

  1. Welly

We love that this water bottle is made of bamboo. It’s strong enough to take hiking but fancy enough for the boardroom, and durable enough to withstand many drops. Our favorite parts of this design are the removable infuser that can be dropped in to brew tea or infuse fruit to make detox water, and the wide mouth that makes it easy to drop in ice cubes. The bottle also features double-walled vacuum insulation to keep your tea or coffee hot and your water cold. It’s the perfect water bottle for those who like to enjoy their other beverages just as much.

  1. bkr Tutu

It’s no wonder this bottle has become a favorite of celebs and high-profile businesswomen, it is one seriously pretty object. bkr water bottles are stylish and created for the busy modern woman. With a peachy pink palette and rare 250ml size option for those tiny (but fashionable) handbags, the bottles also feature designs with slogans like “Queen of Fucking Everything” and “Basic Bitch”. Our favorite part of all this is bky’s specially-designed lip balm that snaps perfectly into the water bottle’s lid. This is a brand that knows its target market, and delivers!

  1. 321 filter

Another hybrid water filter and bottle, only this time the filter is removable. The 321 bottle features an intriguing design with a built-in filter tree plunger mechanism that can be clicked on and off as you please. A carbon filter absorbs all tastes and impurities from tap water and can be used for up to 62 liters of water before it needs to be replaced. The bottle itself is made from BPA & BPS free plastic making it lightweight, but it still retains a “glass look and feel”. Not that we care what it’s made of, we just love the strange filtration design.

New designs for a new world

Gone are the days where your water bottle was made from plastic and picked up a nasty chemical flavor after a few months. People are demanding better, more conscious objects in their everyday lives, and companies are listening. The water bottle designs above are a shining example of how design is starting to be used in new and more innovative ways than ever before. More and more designers are using their skills to create new objects that serve our needs as well as the needs of the environment, and we can’t wait to see what else this industry delivers.

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