Top 5 Smartphone Car Mounts

61xQ8VqIo-L._SL1050_With the drastic increase in the usage of smartphones all over the world, it is usually observed that people are becoming more and more concerned about the safety of their devices. All the major companies of smartphones are noticeably increasing phone sizes on customer’s demands but it is, unfortunately, making phones more and more vulnerable to accidental dropping. Such accidental drops of smartphones can cost a lot.

To make the handling and usage of smartphones safer, we will look into a cheap but very effective method of preventing the sparkling and delicate smartphones from accidents. The method involves the usage of a phone grip which acts as a car mount too. It costs a few dollars but saves hundreds of dollars.

However, with so many different choices in the market for phone grips, it is really confusing to have the right choice so I have made this task easy for you in the following rundown for the best phone grips in the market regarding both value and quality:

  1. One Plus Three Adjustable Multi-Band: This multiband is a product of the company “One Plus Three”. Its features truly prove it as a Multi-Band. It has so much to offer at such a reasonable price of just $7.99. It acts as a phone grip and car mount both at the same time. It has a washable adhesive surface which makes it stand out of many phone grips. It also acts as a protection from accidental drops while taking snapshots of picturesque landscapes. Its car mount has a specialty of not being a barrier for the airflow from the car’s air conditioning system. Often car mount holders act as a barrier to airflow as they are often clipped in front of the airflow system but this car mount solves this by being able to clip on the narrow plastic of the airflow system that directs air.
  2. Popsocket: Priced at $9.99, this phone grip serves as a multipurpose grip for smartphones. It doesn’t work on the adhesive mechanism rather it has a rubber that sticks to the phone surface by air trap mechanism. It also works in both portrait and landscape modes to provide a very good experience. This phone grip marks its specialty in being a round shaped phone grip which enhances its range of uses. For instance, if there are two of these Popsockets on the back of the mobile so you can use it to hold with two hands for gaming or even wrapping your earbud wires around the two grips to avoid tangling of the wires.
  3. iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount: This car mount comes at a very reasonable price of $16.95. It is a dashboard car mount with an adhesive surface which firmly sticks itself to the surface. The positive side of this car mount is its ability to hold the phone in a reclining position. It takes the phone’s weight on the back side of the car mount which is the relatively heavier side. This makes the car mount very stable. However, one disadvantage of this car mount is its size limitation to a screen size of no more than 3 inches. This means that only certain users can benefit from this car mount.
  4. Scotabc 360 Degree Rotating Magnetic Car Mount: This car mount is noteworthy due to its capability of being a rotating car mount. To explain this, let us take the example of this particular car mount placed at the center of the dashboard of your car. If the person sitting next to the driver wants to use the device on his side, all he/ she would need to do will just to rotate the car mount and adjust it in any position i.e. up, down and sideways. It gives the freedom of complete 360-degree movement of your device! This car mount is priced at $11.89 which is a reasonable price for this wonderful car mount.
  5. Ram Mount: This car mount has a unique style for gripping phones very firmly by using a cross-shaped rubber grip. It is priced at $51.00 which makes it relatively expensive amongst many car mounts. This car mount is particularly for those frequently traveling in mountainous regions with their mobiles clamped to the dashboard of their vehicles. Its adjustable clip size makes it fit for even the relatively larger phablets. One disadvantage of this car mount is its relatively heavier weight than many other car mounts.

Therefore, with a barrage of car mounts available in the market, it becomes really challenging to choose the best one. I hope that my classification of the top picks from car mounts might be able to help my readers in making a right choice.

If you have any questions, please ask below!