Buying the Perfect Sofa For Kids And Pets

The perfect family living room has the perfect family sofa as the centrepiece. This sofa is the place for movie watching and snuggling, helping with homework and cosy nights in. This sofa is also the place for pets to come and join the fun. But it can be hard to find the ideal sofa for a family.

When picking a new family sofa, consider the key factors that will help you enjoy your sofa for years to come. These factors include comfort, style, and size as well as fabric type. Think about exactly how you, as a family, are going to use the sofa. Do you need plenty of space for everyone to sit on it at once? Will pets be allowed on the cushions? What activities do you do as a family on the sofa? When answering these questions, you will be able to narrow down your choice and find the ideal sofa – one that will withstand the attentions of your family.

What Do Your Kids Love to Do?

If your children are younger, then you definitely need to consider the stain resistance of a sofa fabric and the ease of cleaning. Young kids don’t seem to know the difference between a sofa and a piece of paper – not ideal when there are coloured pens involved. Leather is a great option as a child-friendly fabric since you can simply wipe away marks. This is ideal when you have budding artists in the family. Therefore, stylish leather Chesterfield sofas could be your ideal choice. Or a more casual style in leather could suit a playroom.

If you have older children you can be reasonably confident that they will not damage the sofa, unless an accident happens. Older children are more likely to spend a lot of time on the sofa, playing games or watching movies or TV. Here you need a sofa that is comfortable with soft cushions, something that allows your kids to lie back and relax.

Picking the Right Size

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Your sofa will ideally seat you all in comfort (you may need to take turns if your family is the size of a football team!) Consider whether you and your kids like to sprawl out or lie down to watch the TV as this will affect the length of your sofa. If your family is small or you have small babies then a compact, cosy sofa will be ideal. You definitely want a sofa where you can all feel comfortable. In a room with a different configuration from the norm, a sectional or corner sofa could be the best choice. And if you are short on space, consider a sofa with clever built-in storage or bookcases on the ends.

Pets Rule

Don’t forget your pets. Be careful with leather for a sofa if you have pets since claws can do damage to the surface. A classic leather sofa may be more suited to a pet-free space. Similarly, vinyl is not ideal as it can also be punctured and torn by claws. Look for a sofa fabric that does not collect pet hair or a fabric that can be easily washed.

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