The Benefits of Hand Trucks & Machine Skates

In the office, moving different objects from one place to another occurs on an almost hourly basis. From raw materials to important documents, and even recycled goods, everything is always on the move. And while most of the goods being moved are light, and can easily be carried by a delivery boy, others require more heavy duty equipment due to the bulk of the load being delivered.

This is where hand trucks and machine skates come in handy.

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Advantages & Benefits Of Using Hand Trucks & Machine Skates

There are many benefits when using both of these tools, especially when it comes to delivering good in an out of the workplace.

  • It eases the overall load work. Instead of having to carry all the load manually by yourself, these tools do all the lifting work for you, greaty reducing the amount of work that you need to do, allowing you to exert more energy into other, more useful things.
  • It greatly reduces the force that you need to lift up and and transfer huge load from one place to another. For instance, a machine skate can simply be placed right next to a crate and it will allow you to just "push" the crate right up next to skate so that it can glide smoothly across the truck being loaded up. Similarly, a hand truck can be used when you need to move several pallets of cardboard boxes containing some recycled paper from the office, to the recycling area of the office.
  • It saves up a lot of time in the office. In a world-class industry where time is of the utmost importance, having these neccessary tools allows you to save a lot of time by letting you carry and move bulky amount of load from one place to another, in the quickest possible time.
  • It's completely safe, and greatly reduces the risk of injuries related to lifting and carrying heavy loads. While it's not a definite solution for completely preventing workplace accidents (safety guidelines set by the company must still be strictly followed), hand trucks and machine skates help to cut down these incidents in the workplace.
  • The portable and small-scale nature of these instruments allows it to be portable, thus being able to carry it almost everywhere. Perfect for when you need to move heavy volumes of load in indoor spaces like an office, and other tight spaces where cranes are out of reach.

All of these conveniences make hand trucks and machine skates very viable inside the office, though it can also be used to move loads outdoors.


General Guidelines When Choosing Hand Trucks & Machine Skates

When choosing a hand truck or machine skate from retailers like "HandTrucks2Go", consider just a few reminders to help you in your choice.

Taking note of the load capacity you need for the task is very important. Hand trucks and machine skates are available for different load capacities, so just choose the one that is suitable for your job.

Also, some hand trucks are equipped with extended nose plates, which add to the support of heavy loads like pallets of corrugated boxes, and other similar kinds of load.

Finally, you need to consider the floor type on where you will need to use these machines. Smooth surfaces are no problem at all, but some rough floors might need extra support to be able to perform at its best. That being said, also consider some other tools that you need to help you out when loading onto hand trucks and machine skates, like jacks to slightly lift up the load so that it can be transferred to the hand truck, etc.

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