A Truly Global Wine Tasting Experience

Ask any wine enthusiast and they will tell you how it is so very difficult to find good wine. For years now, there has been a gap in the Chinese market for truly world-class wines. And this is where we decided to step in and fill that gap.

With our extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to the best wines from around the world, we’ve made it our mission to deliver exquisite, genuine and truly international wines to our clientele.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur looking to add to your collection of rare wines, or a novice discovering the pleasure of savouring a glass of premium wine and wanting to further explore your new-found passion, you have come to the right place.

We pride ourselves on being wine experts. Our team of curators find and procure genuine wines from different countries, giving you a completely global wine experience. Appreciation and consumption of wine is growing every year in China.

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And there are now more options than ever for wine delivery in China. With more and more people developing a sophisticated palate for quality wine, the need for a Chinese wine company that stocks international wines has never been more in demand.

Here’s a look at the five countries whose wines are in high demand all around the world, and what makes them so special:

1. France

French wine has such a strong global presence. Over the years, despite stiff competition from Italy, France has managed to hold on to its position as the number one country when it comes to wines. So, what is it about French wine that makes them so special?

French wines are much more complex in their taste. The flavours are subtle and don’t hit you all at once. When you sip a glass of good French wine, you get layer upon layer of complex undertones. French wines are the very definition of sophistication.

Cabernet Sauvignon: When you think of French wine, the immediate name that pops into most people’s mind is the Cabernet Sauvignon. It starts off with notes of black currants and cedar and finishes off with a peppery note.

2. Italy

The Italian wine-scene is a curious mix of traditional, old-world style wines and more experimental and innovative modern wines. Italian wines are developed to complement the food. They tend to be lighter, not as full-bodied as say, a Californian wine.

Pinot Grigio: If you’re in search of a fine white wine, then the Pinot Grigio is a good place to start. It is a very dry and crisp wine, with subtle flavours. If you like your wines to be light and not very overpowering in their flavour, get yourself a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

3. Spain

For years, Spanish wines had to tag behind their French and Italian counterparts. But in the last few years, there has been a steady increase in the demand for Spanish wines globally. Spain encompasses a vast geographical region, with very different climates and soil conditions. Such differences are what gives Spanish wines they’re very distinctive flavour.

Rioja: Wines from Rioja can roughly be categorised into traditional or modern. The traditional wines are typically ages in American oak barrels, while the modern ones are aged in French oak barrels. It is interesting to note how much impact this seemingly little change has on the wine’s flavour.

4. Australia

Australian wines have a big market in China. Every year sees a big demand for Australian wines. What sets the Australian wines apart is its constant evolution. While most countries have long-standing practices and rules when it comes to wine-making, Australian winemakers are all about innovation and embracing change.

This results in some fantastic wines that come close to rivalling some of the iconic French and Italian wines. Another point in favour of Australian wines is that they are more affordable. So, if you are a novice looking to explore different wines and develop your palate, Australian wines are a good place to start your wine journey.

Shiraz: Even a person who knows little about wine is likely to have heard of Shiraz. With dominant berry tones followed by subtle hints of oak and pine, Shiraz is one of the most popular and well-known Australian wines around the world.

5. United States

Californian wines are also popular among the masses. While they might not rate highly on a wine enthusiasts list, they are a very popular choice for dinner parties and celebrations. Their big, bold, fruity flavours are perfect for a happy occasion.

Rosé: The French may have pioneered it, but Californian winemakers have fully adopted the Rosé as one of their own. The Californian Rosé tends to be a little sweeter than the French version.

Final Thoughts

With the wine market seeing rapid growth in China, there is an immediate need for reliable, quality wine sellers. If you are someone that appreciates the finer things in life, like a glass of good wine, thenwine deliverycompanies such as DaWine is the place for you. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

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