10 Stylish Rolling Makeup Cases For Traveling

The Only Time A Woman Is Helpless Is When Her Nail Polish Is Drying.

Other Than That Watch Out”

Yes, women are strong and bold. This statement doesn’t need any explanation or justification. Girls dress up well, wear some costly makeup, carry their attitude and get ready to take down the world with one go.

Nature has designed a girl to be soft and humble, but once she is at work she leads. So every girl has two sides of her character – one that is soft, humble and loving, and the other that showcases her inner power.

Girls those who travel a lot, for business meetings, client visit, travel shows or for some other reason, need to carry a lot of stuff with them. Among all that stuff, makeup plays an important role.

Here you will get to know about different rolling makeup cases to arrange your makeup while traveling:

Roll Ups:

Roll Ups are the most user friendly makeup cases ever designed. For the girls who need all their stuff in just one place can definitely opt for one of these. These Roll Ups apparently look like a small case. But as you unfold it, it becomes a long bag with lots of small pockets to carry your stuff.

Be it your soap, shampoo, toothbrush, foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeshadow anything – every little thing, even your face towels can be adjusted in it.



You want everything to be arranged in groups of A, B, C AND D? Then you are an organizer and this Organizer makeup case is the right one for you. Inside these boxes you will find nicely arranged small pockets. Here you can keep your brushes in one pocket, eyeshadow in another and foundation in the other.


Makeup Cases:

If you like everything stylish and bossy then this looks absolutely perfect. This looks like a suitcase, has a lock and is classy. The design and the color black looks so perfect.

The space inside the box is properly arranged for all your pretty makeup stuff. When it opens, it also looks highly stylish and arranged. For all the bossy girls out there, this makeup case is just perfect for you.



This makeup case is the perfect rolling makeup case for all the professional makeup artists. It can hold all kinds of makeup items within it and looks like a trolley.

Wherever you go, you can take it and pack all your makeup items in it. It also has a looking glass with lights. This is a brilliant make up case for the makeup freaks.


Handy Travel Cases:

This bag is a genius and when you open it, it’s prepared to keep only the best within it. The costliest brushes, lip gloss, lipstick, face powder, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer and nail polish – all are meant to be kept in it.

The space within the box is so beautifully arranged that just by opening it, you say wow.


Portable Dressing Table:

This makeup case rolls up for those girls, who do not like to leave their dressing tables at home. Okay girls, do not be sad anymore now as here is a portable dressing table for you to carry wherever you go. This small little case has a mirror, side lights and makeup cases within it.

Pack all your makeup products in it, shut the box and carry it wherever you go.

portable-dressing-tableCute Korean:

This bag is here just to add a little more cuteness to your already existing cuteness. From its outer look it looks like a normal bag, but when it opens up, it is ready to carry all your makeup items in it.

Moreover, you can hang it somewhere on the wall because it also has a hook in it.


Little Buddy:

Isn’t it your little buddy girls? Of course it is, it has little cases, small drawers, side windows, and cute little mirrors. Moreover, the box is pink in color with the inside completely white.

This combination is totally loved by girls. It’s perfect for all the teenagers who want to travel stylish.


Fancy makeup case:

This fancy pink makeup box is so cool and stylish. It’s just perfectly girly and classy. It looks like a hand bag and then opens up to be a makeup box. It’s like a magic and a well done magic. There is a lot of space within the box and people can carry a lot of makeup in it.


Nano Dressing Table:

Those who don’t like to carry a lot of things when they travel, but also don’t like to leave their dressing table back home, for them this Nano Dressing Table is perfect. It holds just the perfect amount of makeup you will be needing while you travel.

The color combination is also so stylish and unique. Don’t you like it girls?


Makeup is nothing but self confidence applied directly on face. It is an art, passion and expression. So express yourself well as well as carry it well.


If you have any questions, please ask below!