The Catering Industry in Australia – an Overview

Catering is the business of providing food and drinks to events, office meetings, weddings or any special occasion. The business can either operate as individual vendors or a department in hotels and restaurants.

Like any other business in Australia, the catering industry has evolved fast and is one of the biggest industries in terms of revenue earnings to the government. So many people depend on this industry for their daily meals whether they just need to get out from the boredom of homemade food or just want to experience the fun of eating something spicy and delicious. Most catering companies are located near big market areas like schools, universities, government offices, hospitals, entertainment venues and places where people tend to be crowded and will need quick foods.

The industry has been of service also to people hosting events such as weddings, parties, concerts or even corporate meetings. Many companies and individuals prefer to hire the services of catering industries to provide food services to them and hence save on the time and extra labor they will require to prepare the meals themselves.


There are many types of catering services which, according to, include:

Corporate catering

They serve offices and other companies that are hosting events such as staff meetings, end year parties or any special celebrations within the company. Some offices that provide daily meals to their staff also hire caterers to serve them on a daily basis.

Mobile catering

They provide their services to from a vehicle, truck or cart that is specifically designed for search purpose. They mostly offer take away services to their clients and in most cases not situated in a specific place. They serve people in a concert, game parties or workplaces.

Wedding catering

They are hired by individuals in a wedding event to prepare meals for guests. They are either hired independently or part of a certain package. Wedding caterers come with their equipment and work within a given scheduled time and budget.

Social events

Catering companies also cover social events such as family get-togethers, birthday parties or sports events. The people in charge of such events hire caterers to serve meals for their guests.

Additional services

Apart from providing food and beverages, catering industries can also provide other services to their clients including portable toilets, decoration services, security services, parking services, photography, music bands or DJs and many other services. They enter a contract with the people hosting an event or an outdoor party and work on a budget for all the services they provide. This makes it easy for people who want all inclusive services and even saves on costs of hiring people from different companies to serve in an event.

Like any other industry, catering industry has a lot of benefits to the Australian government and residents as well. Some of the benefits include:

Providing employment opportunities

Many Australians are now taking catering as their careers and with the evolution of many catering industries with increased services and needs, many people continue to secure decent employments through this company either directly or indirectly. There are many employment categories including waiters, chefs, cleaners etc. Companies that provide extra services also employ event decorators, security officers, DJs, musicians etc.

Revenue to the government

With growth of catering companies, the government earnings increase with taxes collected from them. The taxes contribute to the funding of various government projects such as building roads, hospitals and other government facilities. Other companies that benefit indirectly from catering companies like colleges that offer catering courses also add more funds to the Australian economy.

Social benefits

With busy lifestyles of people, catering companies offer great relieve to the Australian residents since they can eat out or purchase a take away meal and save some time from their busy schedule. They also hire them for their events and save all the energy they could have used to run around looking for meals and serving guests by themselves.

Catering company has been a great help to Australian people and government as well. As the company is continuing to evolve, more benefits are coming in and within a short time, the catering industry will make it in the top for best companies in terms of social and economic benefits by proving employment opportunities to residents, revenue for the government and social benefits for families and individuals.

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