Essential Tips to Hire a Wedding Photographer

indoor-photography-tipsNowadays the trend of planning a wedding has changed. Previously, when your wedding date was fixed, the first few things that you has to plan was your budget, the venue, the number of people and of course your wedding gown. But now there’s something else which adds to the list and it is booking your wedding photographer way ahead of time. With the brand new invention of high-end DSLRs, capturing wedding moments has got a new face.

More and more photographers are turning professionals after completing a valuable course on photography and by investing their dollars in a high quality DSLR. There are also new sites like PhotoBoothMe which help you with different kinds of photographers and where you get to know about the styles of photography. Nevertheless, here are a few points that you may take into account before hiring a professional wedding photographer for your wedding.

#1: Do your homework by getting familiar with various styles of photography

You may see 2 different photographers come with the same images but when it comes to wedding photography; it can be categorized to 3 different styles, classic, traditional and photojournalistic. While the conventional photographer will spend half of his time arranging ways for you to pose and will be involved in producing every shot with detail, a classic photographer balances both aspects but a photo journalist will document what happens and will rarely ask you to pose. You should therefore look through the albums of your friends to know about the different styles.

#2: Get a general idea about your photography budget

Pricing is something that can vary from one photographer to another and would you like to waste your time behind someone who is out of your reach? On the other hand, if the price that you see is too good to be true, it is most likely that the person is not a professional and if you choose such a photographer, you would rather be taking a risk. You can ultimately negotiate with cost and not with quality.

#3: Streamline your choices from various websites

Quality is something which is tough to define in terms of quality but when you check out a website which provides you with photographers, you should go beyond being impressed by checking out their website only. This is not where you are choosing a web designer depending on his website. Don’t choose a photographer if you’re not impressed by his photography.

#4: Call them and meet them once you receive references

The best thing is to seek references from friends and colleagues who are already married or who have knowledge on such matters. However you should call them up and then meet them to take a look at their work. Don’t decide without taking a look at their portfolio.

Hence, if you’re about to choose a wedding photographer, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips before taking the plunge.

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