Mobile Virtual Network Operators taking over Mobile Operators

Mobile Virtual Network OperatorsSwitching cell phone carrier seems technical, but it proves to worth the try. Many Americans still use one of the four big cellular services T-Mobile, Sprint, A&T or Verizon. Some of them even try out changing from one cellular service to another with the hope of reducing the cost of their wireless phone services. However, this has not been the case in the recent past. Many people are now switching their cell phone carriers. This is accompanied by a success of reducing consumer costs and additional service.

Switching from one of the four big cellular service to buying from mobile carriers is now the way to go. These resellers are known as MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). They provide data and telephone service from one of the four big networks but in a more efficient way. It does so by buying the services from these operators and repackages them in a more appropriate way to the customers. MVNO, therefore, do not have their own network coverage but use one of the four as their coverage area. This way they do not have to worry about network maintenance services. It leads to lower costs and gains by the customer.

MVNO enters into a business agreement with mobile network operators to receive wireless services in bulk. The vastness of these services allows MVNO to get them at wholesale prices. They, therefore, lay down retail prices for each service for the customers. Subsequently, these prices are more reasonable to the users than operators who charge extra costs of maintaining network infrastructure. Nevertheless, using MVNO gives the customers freedom in the consumption of the wireless services available. This is because there are no long-term legal contracts that limit customers to the usage of services such as data. Customers are therefore not at risk of harsh punishment when they fail to pay. It allows them to have more choice and convenience.

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Of all the many MVNO customers, low usage consumers benefit more. This is because they can choose plans that suit their consumption rate and can shift if it is too huge. On the contrary, with mobile operators, low usage consumers pay for extra services some of which they do not utilize. In this case, high dosage consumers benefit more. Using an MVNO is quite cheap and more efficient than the cellular carriers that require you to get the latest phone. With MVNO, in most cases, you will retain your phone but only have to configure it MVNO services through their websites. This is easier than getting new cellular devices from local stores. It allows you to enjoy the services you want without any additional costs.

MVNO services have increased globally in the recent past. According to GSMA, intelligence 26% of all these services are discount related. It also states that the number of MVNOs rose to almost a thousand with Europe having two-thirds of all domestic MVNOs. In addition, MVNOs that aim at multiple markets make up to 10% of the total global MVNOs. There are more MVNO than mobile network operator [MNO] sub-brands. GSMA records that 2014 registered 992 MVNO and 226 MNO sub-brands globally. This means that MVNOs are taking over MNO.

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MVNO market size predictions

Just to get you informed, here are some the of best MVNOs in the US:


This carrier offersbudget friendly services that will definitely satisfy your needs. Witheither a phone you buy fromTwigby or just your own phone,Twigby enables you to create your own custom plan without signing a contract or needless activation fees. With only $12 per month, you get 7-hour talk time and unlimited texting. Similarly, with only $25 per month you get 30hour of free talk time and unlimited texting. For the low usage, consumers you can chose a plan with 3 hours talk time and unlimited texting for $9 per month. Surprisingly, there is a free 4G data option that uses Wi-Fi only. You can also subscribe an option with 150 megabytes for only $3 per month per month. For large usage consumers, 2gigabytes is available for $23 per month. You will need a credit card with this plan, but it is generally cheaper than other carriers, especially for low usage consumption.



This carrier provides full nationwide coverage and unlimited carryover. It also offers automatic monthly services plans from as low as $9.99 with no contracts. This auto refill option saves you 5% when you sign up. It also offers an annual plan that includes up to 1050 text and 400 minutes talk time for $99.99. Pay As You Go option gives a service of 90 days including 450 minutes at $79.99. Auto refill in this section saves you up to 10%.fewer service days 0f 30 days with 30 minutes included at only $9.99 is also available for low usage consumption. In addition, international calls can be made for prices similar to local prices. This carrier, therefore, has many plans that can be puzzling to choose.


This carrier uses both cellular and Wi-Fi for more coverage. It pays back for the cell data that has not been used every month. One unique thing about this carrier is that all its plans offer unlimited texts and calls. For $25 per month you get 1 GB data, 3GB goes for $55 per month, 0.5GB for $17.50 per month. Additionally, you can buy cell data or change plan anytime with all the options. Apart from Wi-Fi calling and tethering there is also cellular voice callings, 4G LTE in republic phones. The challenge of using this carrier is that sometimes signals are of poor quality hindering efficient calling.

Consumer cellular

Consumer cellular
This is the highest rated carrier with the highest customer satisfaction. This is because of the nationwide coverage and 100% risk-free guarantee offered by this carrier. Apart from talk, text, and data plans, they also include a protection plan. This covers your phone from as low as $2 per month against spills, drops, and all electrical and mechanical damages. Talk plans are as from as low as $10 per month for billed per use minutes and $50 per month for unlimited minutes. Unlimited texts with 1.2 GB web data goes for $20 per month. For low usage, 300 texts with 300Mb data are for as low as $2.50.

It is certain that MVNOs are gaining popularity and increase the attention in providing essential services to their customer efficiently and at a reduced cost.


1. Talk and Text plan June 1, 2016

2. Unlimited talk and text plan as of June 1, 2016

3. Lowest Talk plan with included minutes and lowest data and text plan with any texts included as of June 1, 2016.

4. Value Plans”50 Value” as of June 1, 2016

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