How to Write a Great Job Interview Essay?

Whiten your TeethWriting a professional interview essay can be a daunting and difficult process for several people. It requires a good knowledge of English, as well as some prior skills in writing professional essays. An interview essay is also unlike any other type of essay you have written before. Before writing the essay, you have to do a lot of preparatory work. You must decide upon what you need to write. Preliminary research before interview is a must to decide what kind of questions you will be asking. While taking the interview, it is important to make notes, or record the interview, so that you remain focused on the interview conversation.

To write a good interview essay, you need a good format, with a strong introduction paragraph, an organized body, and a solid conclusion. You must decide between two formats, which are narrative format and answer format. The narrative layout will be having paraphrased information, while the answer essay will be using direct quotes to your questions.

Beginning the Essay

To being the essay, you must go through the notes that you took during the interview, or if you have recorded the whole conversation, you can listen to it. In the next step, you must organize your information into an appealing outline.

The easiest and simplest way to organize all the information is to listen to the record of the interview, or by reading through the notes. Moreover, you must think as to what the audience would like to know about the person that you interviewed. It is best to pick 3 main ideas/themes, which you have talked about in the interview. These will be becoming body paragraphs for the essay, and will provide a structure to the essay. Once the three main things are wrapped around your brain, you will be talking about them in your essay, using a solid outline.

There are several essay outlines that you can use depending on your readers, preferences, or requirements. One of the simplest outlines that you can use is mentioned below:


One can start the introduction paragraph in a humorous tone, or an interesting narrative, or with a fact that the person you interviewed told you. The introduction can talk a bit about the person that you interviewed, or it can highlight any points that you specifically focused on while interviewing. It can also be general interaction between the writer and the reader.

Thesis statement

A thesis statement will shed light on the person interviewed, as it will tell you who was interviewed, their title, and why you chose this person. Basically, it allows you to tell the reader about this person. This statement will fit in the introductory paragraph, and it is important that you spell the person’s name correctly.

Body Paragraphs

These will talk in about the general idea in more depth. They will provide a proper insight as to why the interview was held, and what you aimed to achieved with it. Questions and answers can be used in these paragraphs, and if you had selected 3 main themes to talk about previously, you can talk about them separately in different paragraphs.

Things that you learned while taking the interview, and several other points, which you noticed during it can be mentioned in these paragraphs.


The last paragraph of your essay must be a sumary. One can also write some last concluding remarks about the person.

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