How to Ship Your Car Smoothly

One of the ideal ways to ship your car from one place to another, especially if you are moving homes is to hire the services of a professional carrier.

When the time comes to move, you have two options on how to move your car- drive it to its new destination or ship it by a reputed auto-shipping company. The cost of auto-shipping depends on type of vehicle, the carrier you choose and the destination of the shipment.

car ship

If you have a budget in mind, here are a few tips to help save some money:

  • Try to find a carrier, which will ship your car along with your furniture. The carrier may offer you a deal or discount for shipping everything with it which will help you save money.
  • You may choose to ship during off-season which may be cheaper. You can save up to 30% if you ship your car in fall or winter.

Apart from saving cost, you will want a timely, efficient and safe shipping service. Here are a few tips to ensure smooth shipping of your vehicle and decrease prospects of damage during transit:

  • Document pre-shipment inspection of your car: Document rust spots, scratches and dents, which you may find in the interior or on exterior of the car. All imperfections need to be documented. The ideal way to achieve this is to take dated photos of your car from all possible angles and feed it in a computer.
  • Remove every personal item: All personal items such as radar detector, GPS, Sirius satellite radio, CD's and any other items inside the vehicle must be removed. You must also remove other items attached to the outside f your car like spoilers, bike and ski racks.
  • Ascertain the needs: Enquire from the carrier whether they have any specific needs for preparing your car for shipment. For instance, several auto shippers will require that your fuel tank be filled to around a quarter of its capacity. Check the carrier website or contact their customer service centre for understanding any preparations needed for your car before shipment.
  • Prepare for shipment: You must check whether the tires have requisite pressure and battery is charged. You must prepare your car as though it is will be driven to its new destination. Also make the car ready to weather all rigors of climate during transit.
  • Deactivate alarm: The alarm of the car must be de-activated lest it triggers off automatically during transit, causing much confusion.

Shipping your car is a big headache till you find the right car shipping carriers. Do research, take time and make your choice.


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