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How to Click Professional Pictures of Food?

In the era of Instagram, iPhones, and widespread foodie-ism, anyone can be a food photographer. But the aspect that separates professional looking photography from the random snaps is much more than just an expensive camera. If there is one thing that people love more than eating is taking its pictures. […]


Ten Easy Steps to Setup a Picture Password on Windows 8

[youtube] Windows 8 features a new innovative method of logging on or unlocking your computer without using the keyboard: to set touch points on an image as account password. You can choose which image you want to use and, by clicking parts of that image such as hands, face, […]


How to Change the User Picture in Windows 8

The process of setting up or changing user picture in Windows 8 is very simple. When you setup the computer, Windows allows you to associate an image that shows up along with your name on the lock screen and the start screen. You are provided with two main options. You […]