Family Photography: Tips And Tricks for Fantastic Pictures

Taking photos can be more than just a hobby, it is a great career choice for those who are interested in growing their photo opportunities. For many of them, family photography is one of the most fun and exciting types of pictures to take because of the happy, joyous feelings associated with the subjects. Being able to capture their love in timeless photos feels great.

There are many different themes to use within family photography, depending on the time of year, the composition of the family and personalities of the participants. One sick member or playful youngster can definitely make for some unique situations. Every day is a new adventure when working with families.

If you want to hone your skills in these varied and unpredictable photo shoots, start using these tips:

Prioritize Excellent Communication

All relationships require excellent communication, including between family photography clients and photographers. Before the shoot, it is important to get to know each other to plan well. This will help in creating a successful photography session and bringing the final images together for ultimate client satisfaction. This one tip can ease a lot of tension you might be taking with you now.

Location, Location, Location

Not just for real estate, location is a vital aspect of creating an atmosphere reflective of the family. Make a list of public places, including a note about needed permissions or permits, that you can recommend to clients. Create a variety of opportunities for family photography clients to stand out in your field.

Props And Accessories

Know what props and accessories are necessary for everyone to have a positive experience. You might want to provide portable seating for the elderly family members while parents can allow their youngster to bring a beloved stuffed animal or toy. In addition to ensuring everyone is comfortable, personal belongings can help to frame the time even better!

Be Prepared For Large Families

It can be a challenge taking photos of large groups while maintaining crisp facial images. Use a narrow aperture (compensating ISO and shutter speed), have the family scoot together and snap a lot of pics. You are sure to find plenty where at least one person has their eyes closed, is distracted or unknowingly has a pair of rabbit ears.

Make Sure You Have These Gear Essentials

Professional family photography requires the appropriate gear and expertise in use. Always take a tripod, DSLR, and a backup camera. Pack several lenses so you are prepared for close-ups and larger group pictures than you expected.

Choose Flattering Poses

The wrong poses can be disastrous, which is why you need to understand the best ways to pose various family groups. In a multi-generation photo, the eldest family members are usually set in the center. Add dimension to the photos by staggering the heads and people to ensure that nobody’s face is hidden. Snap the images just above their eye level to stop the inevitable double chins that can ruin a whole group of pictures.

Lighting Matters

Take outdoor photos when the sun is not directly overhead, and avoid direct overhead indoor light as well. Complement natural lighting with reflectors and flashes if necessary to bring out the best in your subjects.

Catch The Magic

Family photography shoots should capture the special moments that make each family unique. In addition to action shots, you should try to get the clients to relax so you can capture the love and ease they have with each other. Tell jokes, or have someone who isn’t in that particular picture tell one. Pay attention to the group and to detail.

Natural Children

Forcing kids to sit with perfect posture with the rest of the clan will only make them irritable, restless and generally unhappy subjects. While you might be able to get some of these, later on, you will fare much better in the beginning by letting children be themselves. Bubbles are fun and inexpensive, while a game of peek-a-boo doesn’t cost a cent!

Follow Your Instincts

The most important thing for successful family photography is growing your skill by learning to follow your instincts. Encourage your clients to have fun, and include yourself in the joy. As an extension of yourself, the camera can be skillfully integrated into these laid-back photo shoots. You will be pleasantly surprised at what a difference this can make!

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