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Top 8 Ways to Get more Likes on Your Instagram Pictures

get more likes instagramWhat is the best way to get more likes on your Instagram pictures is a question that is always on the lips of most users on the social media platform? Instagram is a big social media platform with over 700 million users posting billions of photos. Photos ranging from selfies to group pictures, to breakfast and dinner food, various types of images and videos are uploaded on a daily basis. Getting noticed on such a platform requires something extra more than just the ordinary. This is why each time a picture is posted; users want them to be seen.

Every user on the platform would cherish seeing the numbers go up on their pictures, no matter the reason for uploading an image, whether it is to increase your chances of getting employed or you just want to develop your brand, getting good enough number of likes on Instagram pictures is something we all want. Fortunately, enough, there are a handful of ways through users can get more likes to their Instagram pictures.

  1. Use Hashtags in your caption

One of the tricks to adopt if you want to get more Instagram likes on your pictures is to add hashtags on your caption. There are many ways to get likes on Instagram, but this tip has been proven to be very efficient. Choose one of the many available hashtags and add to your caption and watch how the number rack up. However, don’t just add any hashtag, choose from the popular ones that are relevant to the uploaded picture, and your photo will surely gain more likes.

  1. Learn how to use tag

The number of followers an account has, goes a long way in the number of likes any post on Instagram can get. If you don’t have many followers, tagging accounts that have a massive amount of followers will increase the chances of driving more likes to your Instagram picture. It is crucial not to tag just any account with large follower base but those that are relevant to the image you uploaded, this will help in attracting the right audience. Besides tagging massive followers base accounts, you should also tag your friends this will show your photo on the “photos of me” part.

  1. Minimise the editing

Being real is part of what people want to see in your Instagram picture upload because they want to look at your person and not an over-edited version of your photo. If you are uploading a selfie, make the interiors real, though not full of mess, however, a bit of your personal life will be significant. Applications such as Instasize give you access to several editing tools like artistic filters, unique text styles, and colorful borders that will make your posts look like they were made by a pro, but still in a natural, real way.

  1. Time your upload well

One of the best ways to get Instagram likes on your pictures is to upload your photos at the right time when a lot of people will be online. Uploading your images during working hours will hinder the number of likes it will get. Late morning and early afternoon is a no-no if you want your pictures to get enough likes. Timing your upload after dinner time, when people are relaxing waiting for bedtime will surely get your photos more likes. This time most of your friends will be online, and you will find most users online at this time because they probably are done with their task for the day.

  1. Nurture your Following

Working on your following on Instagram is one sure way of getting more likes on your picture upload. Give your Instagram profile a boost by finding a niche that has like-minded people like you. Relate to communities with the same interest, product, business, subject as well as hubby as you; this will enable you to establish a say and help your profile to stand out. However, diversity is the watchword here, don’t make it look overly specific so as not to limit the scope of your account. Something like this will define the audience your Instagram profile can draw.

  1. Be consistent

You will hardly get likes on your Instagram pictures if you rarely post. This tip follows from the point above, building your profile. If possible, post your updates every day, don’t post today and leave weeks or days before you post another. Getting more likes will be difficult if this is your update pattern. Posting frequently and consistently will keep the attention of your followers glued to your profile waiting for your next update. Consistent posting will also enhance the exposure your account will enjoy, in that case, you will helping grow your Instagram profile also when your update frequently.

  1. Upload compelling and interesting pictures

Choosing the best of your shots will give your photographs a more serious feeling and will also make the upload more interesting for your followers. You can leverage Instagram’s other apps such as Hyperlapse, Boomerang, and Layout to enhance your picture uploads. The apps were added to help make all your picture look more compelling as well as more interesting. If you are good with those apps, you will definitely post something that your followers will like and enjoy watching.

  1. Work on your Instagram Profile Bio

Often, your bio work against you. You should take care of any ambiguity in your Instagram profile if you want people to follow and like your pictures. Ensure your profile is clear enough to show what your Instagram account is all about. It is also imperative to post accordingly. Don’t create a profile that has the intention of fighting teenage rape and you upload pictures that supports that action. Your Instagram profile should be concise and tell just what you and your account is about if you want to create a brand and enjoy likes on your Instagram picture updates.

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