The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Picture Perfect Leggings-Look

ewdweAccording to Poprageous's Cher Park, no other piece of clothing comes off as versatile as a pair of leggings. A good pair of leggings is nothing short of unparalleled comfort and style. No wonder they have been all the rage, then and now. A pair of leggings can be your best friend as well as your worst enemy. Undoubtedly, an awesome pair of leggings can make you look and feel like a rockstar, but a bad experiment with these beauties can make you crawl into and never leave the security of your closet.

Looking at the vast variety of styles, designs and fabrics up for selection in the fantastical world of Leggings ville, it is almost impossible not to get carried away. But picking the right pair can be quite a tricky business. Hopefully, all you proud patrons of this glamorous piece of fashion will find the following information helpful while on the search for the perfect pair :
Fabric is what makes a legging worth begging!

How many times have you come across a lady in leggings that made you cringe in disgust of major fashion faux pas? Probably more than enough times! Well, that is the thing with leggings; it all depends on its base material. Leggings come in Cotton, Spandex, Lycra, Rayon, Leather/Latex, and various combinations of Cotton and PVCs. When buying a pair, it is good to go for ones that ensure sound opaqueness and right sheer. The fabric decides the ‘see-through-ness' as well as the thickness of your leggings. Too much sheer can ruin your overall look (sometimes, even your reputation!)

Be an instant hit with the right fit!

Besides the fabric, it is equally important to be careful regarding the right fit. The right fit is one which is comfortably stretchable, covers your assets with the least sheer and has a complying waistband. It is not necessary for you to share your legging size with your friend, who has the same waistline! Leggings are skin-tight clothing that tend to touch all your curves and lines; unless you don't want a public legging disaster, stick to what fits comfortably.

Simple, sexy and sophisticated!

You should understand that leggings, although similar to pants, are more like tights and less like pants. Therefore, it's absolutely necessary to wear them like one. Many patrons make the mistake of going for the ‘too short' ones , when they should actually be opting for ‘more modest' options. Its never a bad thing to take pride in your assets, but that's no excuse for committing a fashion no-no!

Dress to Impress

No other style of garment can do as much justice to your legging ensemble, than an equally incomparable dress. Just like Poprageous's Cher Park says, "Dress to Impress." Irrespective of your dress's style and design, they are a timeless classic when combined with leggings.

A few things to consider while hunting down your perfect dress :

To be cotton or to be corduroy

Dresses, like leggings, come in a variety of fabrics. Depending upon the look and feel of your legging, select the fabric that compliments it perfectly. You should avoid too heavy fabrics like denims as it could create discomfort with your movements.

A beautiful dress comes in all shapes and sizes, just like all of you!

Having said that, be careful regarding the style and length of your dress. Although, all dresses are alluring, not all of them are willing to partner with your leggings. You could wear any dress that fits your legs from mid-thigh to above/on knees. Remember that dazzling dress that is too short to be worn alone, well, you know what to do with it the next time!

You should avoid wearing too short or too tight dresses (in terms of comfortable fit), as it may ride up your thighs and backside. Again, leggings are like tights, and not pants. They do not hide what should remain hidden.

A hint of a fashion bedazzler!

You can team up your leggings with an A-line, mid-thigh length skirt to create a smart, casual look. Team up a dark, bold patterned legging with a solid, light color, loose-fit dress. Loose off-shoulder dresses look great with patterned and plain leggings likewise. Never match up dresses and leggings of the same color, pattern, fabric or style. Incase, you ever want to create the monochrome look, pair it with with some smart accessories to not end up making a fashion disaster. And oh, do not forget to get yourself some amazing flats and heels!

Dresses and leggings- best friends forever!

Seasons may come and fashion trends may go. But one combination is here to stay forever-dress with leggings! No matter what the weather or occasion, these two are going to stay buds forever. Any of you gorgeous ladies can make bold fashion statements with your killer leggings and dress combo. Happy Fashion-ising!

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