The Best Open Source Document Management Systems

May 28, 2013 10:01 pm11 commentsViews: 89905
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This article is an overview of the best and most popular open source document management systems. Depending on your needs, you may choose which one best meets your requirements. Let’s see.

1. Nuxeo


A comprehensive open source content management platform, Nuxeo provides several solutions to a business or an individual such as case management, document management and digital asset management – all in a single, integrated package. Known for its modular design and flexibility, Nuxeo offers a slew of features that cater to almost every content management need that a company may have. Nuxeo offers CMP (Content Management Platform) that allows organisations to focus on developing content-oriented applications, instead of weaving the data around the code. This allows for a modularised approach that could turn out quite handy for the business in several scenarios.

The open document management system that comes with Nuxeo contains a whole set of features, such as support for multi-formatted content, meta-data standardisation, easy navigation within the structure, and secure workflow to ensure that no data is compromised upon.

Nuxeo’s site offers more detailed coverage of its features, and can be accessed here:

2. LifeRay


LifeRay takes the concept of content and document management to a whole new level, altogether. This open source platform offers web-based content management through a portal. Liferay offers several worthwhile features, such as a unified central location for all kinds of media, support for mounting multiple content repositories from other service providers, support for user-defined content categorisation, one-click page creation, user-defined workflow, live page editing and scheduling features, etc.

3. Alfresco


Alfresco is one of the most popular open source content management systems available in the market, today. This system comes with a slew of features that would possibly address the needs of multiple users with different needs and requirements. Some of the noticeable features of the system are freedom for manual customisations, support for portable devices, web-based collaboration, and much more. This document management system, in particular, provides the flexibility of the cloud, and offers all the usual document storage, editing and manipulation features that are expected in a DMS. More information can be obtained from their website at

4. OpenDocMan


If at all there is a need for an open source-based document management system written purely in PHP, then OpenDocMan would just be what the doctor will have ordered for. This free DMS comes with web-based access, automated installation and several upgradable features. It is flexible enough to accommodate any pre-existing business rules that the company may have.

The document management features that OpenDocMan provides to its users include centralised storage of documents and files, access to restricted features, change tracking and history features, support for a wide range of file types, automated workflow, metadata fields for all files stored in the system to allow better management, physical storage on server for all related documents, quick browsing and access features with sorting filters, as well.

If this is not enough, OpenDocMan requires very little resources for operation, and can run on low configurations, too.

5. Plone


Plone is another state-of-the-art open source content management system (CMS) that provides or comes loaded with some powerful features. The latest version of the system is v4, which offers some really cool features such as better memory efficiency, support in handling massive file sizes, etc. It also works off Python and NoSQL to make for a very good user experience.

With over 340 core developers and more than 300 solution providers worldwide, one has no choice but to go with the claims that Plone makes, when it says that the latest version of Plone is 50 % faster than its predecessor. A better understanding of Plone’s flexibility can be achieved by simply visiting their website:

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  • Nice choice of software – something for everyone. Thank you for this review/evaluation most helpful.

  • Hi, I need an open DMS where I can customize the tags associated with a document.

    OR I can associate a rule, like search in a particular folder.

  • Online document management systems (DMS) are basically used to help a business work in a more organized and arranged manner to save time, money and the energy of the workforce. Gone are the days when we saw warehouses filled with archived necessary documents and papers in deep storage; technology has enabled businesses to transform big files’ racks into remote servers where people can easily store and repossess important files and documents without any trouble. Online document management systems facilitate to accumulate scanned copies of key files in a centralized server helping authorized users to access those files from any location at any time with an internet connection.

  • Which of these can preview (online) document types like docx and xls?

  • Collection of these systems are enough good. For you next list i would suggest you one more system Vaadin.
    Thanks for these five management systems.

  • letoDMS is small, good, works and is easy to install.
    We use it for 3 years…

  • I’m looking for a document management system which I can embed into an existing web application written in PHP. Is there a system which is designed to be integrated in this way?

    • I need exact the same thing, have you found anything? Maybe not embed but interact with it so we don’t have to program the whole thing.

  • In my opinion, I think here should be OpenKM. For those who do not know the software, you OpenKM is a document management system open source with multiple functionalities (task manager, workflows, email archiving, etc.)There are two versions of this: the Community Version (free) and the Professional Version.

    For more info:


  • How many file formats support this application. is there any text search option available in this application….?

  • Frank Hamandishe

    I would like to scan 8090 engineering drawings using an A0 scanner then index the drawings for easy retrival. may you assist me select a simple and user friendly software to use.

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