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How to turn off the Moving Pencil in Skype

skype-mSkype has a special feature allowing the other side to see when you type or delete something you typed. This is basically a good feature but many would probably hate it and feel emotionally monitorized considering the typing speed or how often delete or make corrections to the text or parts of text before sending it to the interlocutor.

For you who really hate the option, here are 3 easy steps describing how to accomplish this task.

1. Navigate to Tools > Options as shown below


2. At the IMS and SMS tab, click on the Advanced button and a window like this should appear


3. Uncheck the “Show when I am typing” box.

That’s all! From now on, others won’t see that you’re typing before sending the text.


  1. I was interested in this matter for long ago. Thanks for helping me. That is really annoying so turning off is the best option for me. I have many friends in skype.

  2. Definitely a very good tutorial. I even didn’t know this thing is possible but is great. Thanks for sharing, kidal.

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