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Best & Must Have Photo Editing and Sharing Apps for Blackberry

blackberry-z10While it seemed like Android and iPhone users are always the first to test feature-driven apps that have turned Smartphone into a do-all device, Blackberry users are not left in the dark, either. If you use Blackberry, there are a lot of apps out there as well that can turn your Smartphone into a feature-rich device you can use to record videos, take high quality snapshots and edit and share multimedia on several social platforms directly from within the app.

Have you ever wished you were able to edit and share photos on Facebook, Blurb, or on any other social network right from your Blackberry device? Now you can wish no more!

Here are the top 3 Blackberry photo editing and sharing apps that will turn your photo editing and sharing activities into a bliss.

1. Photo Share Social

Photo share social is a blackberry app that will enable you to share your photos across multiple social platforms without having to launch individual apps.



It enables users to share their favorite snapshots with friends and family on facebook, twitter and BBM just from within a single app. No need to waste time opening and closing individual apps when you should be networking and having fun.

It supports all Blackberry models including Curve, Bold, Tour, Style, Storm and Torch. With only 1310KB file size, it consumes very minimal resources with 6.0+ OS requirement.

You can share your photos and favourite snapshots with just a single click. It comes with a simple user interface that makes the sharing process fun.

It's is free. You get a cutting edge blackberry app with an intuitive user layout, multiple social media integration and one-click sharing feature for free.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Photo share social received a dominant of 5 star ratings with comments that described it as a handy and simple app for Blackberry users. Most users love the fact that it is a perfect app for on-the-go sharing activities. You can just take a snapshot off nature or a major event and share it with your friends across three social platforms with just a single click.


  • Multiple social media integration
  • One-click sharing
  • Supports all blackberry models running on 6.0+ OS
  • Its free to use


  • Blackberry devices running on OS versions below 6.0 are not supported
  • App may be a bit heavy on Blackberry curve with lesser storage spaces

2. PicMix

PicMix is an app designed to afford Blackberry users the ability to combine their favorite photos together, edit them, add effects, and captions and share them on several social platforms.



PicMix will enable you to put multiple photos in fancy frames, add text caption and photo effects. Here are some of its distinguishing features:

It comes with a load of cool editing features like custom frames, the ability to adjust your snapshots, add text caption and add fancy effects.

The latest version, PicMix 3.5.8 now includes 3 more free filters including the Gold Filter which will add golden sunlight to your photo, the Canvas Filter which will add an artistic touch to your photo and the Moss Filter which will create a greenish effect to add nature-like color to your photo. Additionally, the latest version also comes with improved speed. You can now purchase PicMix credits through more carriers.

PicMix also allows users to share their photos with friends on facebook, twitter and BBM. Additionally, you can even set your photos as your BBM or twitter profile directly from within the app.

PicMix comes with an amazing support. They have a comprehensive FAQ where you can instantly find help including a website and a support email dedicated to making sure that users are extremely satisfied.

It supports all Blackberry models with OS 5.0 and above.


With millions of users and a dominant of 5 star ratings, PicMix seemed one of the best apps for photo editing and sharing on blackberry Smartphone. Most of the users I read their reviews described this app as the best for Blackberry… combining many awesome features, filters and control options together. The app has a huge database of satisfied customers and with their dedicated support services; it's sure worth a try.


  • Comes with several editing effects, frames and filters
  • The latest version comes with 3 more free filters
  • Multiple social media integration
  • Comes with a very responsive email support


  • Blackberry devices running on OS versions below 5.0 are not supported

3. Bright Camera

Bright Camera is one of the best camera app you can use to improve your photos right on your Blackberry device.


It enables users to add text caption on their photos with options to change the font color and size choosing ones that best suits their needs.

You can rotate your photo in any direction, display it from an angle or flip it vertically or horizontally as you wish.

If you'd love your photos in different colors, the app also enable users to convert their photos to red, blue and green. Additionally, you can also adjust the brightness of the image, and the contrast according to what you desire.

Most people these days prefer adding the red eye effect to their photos. Bright Camera allows you to do this with the ability to also adjust the saturation and add hue effects.

Bright Camera is perfectly integrated with facebook, pinterest, and BBM allowing users to share their photos directly from within the app. You can also share your photos via email.

It supports all Blackberry models running on OS 5.0 and above.

Customers’ Feedback

Many people use and are satisfied with the Bright Camera app. With Bright Camera version 2.5 released on the 24th April 2013 and already with over 2,500 positive reviews and a dominant of 5 star ratings, this seems one of the best Blackberry apps you need to have in your arsenal. Many users love that it comes with multiple social media integration while allowing them to play with their photos with cool effects and filters.

If you use Blackberry Smartphone then you should be at large editing and sharing your favorite snapshots with these 3 apps. Individually, they provide you with enough photo editing options you sure want to explore.


  • Ability to change font color and size when adding text caption
  • Rotate photos, add color effects and adjust brightness
  • Integrated with multiple social media


  • Blackberry devices running on OS versions below 5.0 are not supported

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  1. I just downloaded the PicMix App on my cell and itz a must have app. Simple, clean UI, Fast and responsive with native looks. nice post thanks for sharing.

  2. Shame that the BB is such a terrible phone, great article though!

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