Windows 9 Going to be App-Centric Integrated with Cloud

Windows 9The Microsoft is in all news because of Windows 9. There are many features of it those have already dragged many attentions due to rumour mill, or analysts. However, one of the most buzzed thing among them is certainly about the Windows 9 coming with cloud computing. The speculations mount on up to how many extent the Windows 9 is going to have the cloud feature.

Application Friendly:

Windows 9 is in all news for its applications. However, this time Microsoft plans for a basic development panel that enables a developer in making one application that can play well with Windows platforms.

The specified apps would depend on a basic lifetime that works with all devices for providing thorough experience on every product. Anyway, you can still have the variants with the systems.

Things to be changed:

There are certain things that the users definitely love to be revamped. Mostly the Windows 8 is what they want to point. The Smart menu is definitely something they want this time with W9.

If the reports are to be believed Microsoft aims in compromising on the aspect to provide scope for the contemporary applications to work in their personal system windows.

Microsoft wants it Multitasking:

It can be basically said that Microsoft wants to stick with conventional Windows Program. The speculated "windowed" mode for contemporary applications should be adequate to have and maintain the unsatisfied users into the world of Microsoft. Prime focus is being given on making the device multitasking for the best result.

It's going to be a Cloud Device:

Apart from Microsoft's dream to have the Start Menu, applications back the company would definitely not love to compromise in any way with its cloud feature. It means the next Operating system is going to be a cloud integrated Window where the overall system is more dependent on the cloud than the conventional.

Microsoft's Strategy:

As we all know Microsoft has been pretty diplomatic by revealing the general aspects like key features, machine structure, storing information, etc. In short the prime aim is to provide the desktop with the kind of processing and strategies taken place through the appropriate services.

Another bigger speculation that is being made that the fundamental Window Operating system is going to be concise. Broadly most of the services are going to be enabled through cloud. On this aspect, it is pretty certain that most of them are going to be app centred.

This is certainly a great level of integrating the cloud service. However, Microsoft hasn't declared anything in a straight forward manner. You can't rubbish completely the speculation of having a specialized system altogether.

Speculative Windows 9

Upon taking a close look at the rumour mills, analysts, and fans one thing is apparent that the Start Menu and application savvy is pretty must certain this time. Many claim that the upcoming W9 is going to be much beyond than a 64 bit OS device. In addition, the power saving technologies can also be interesting to watch with the product.


Finally, we would love to see a nice blend of old and contemporary features with the upcoming Windows 9. The Windows 8 is certainly disappointing. In a period where the number of desktop users are getting lowered, Microsoft definitely has maintained its reputation, but to make it long it has to careful about the latest W9.

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