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Wireless printer not working in Windows 8

In the last years, wireless printers became more and more popular. Though not a bad combination, Windows 8 and wireless printer could actually lead to some compatibility problems. This is because when the wireless driver for the printer gets installed, the current network IP address is locked for the printer. Such thing is fine as long as you have only one computer and a printer but no other devices such as game consoles, smartphones or tablets. In case you have such devices attached, the next time you reset the network router, Windows 8 won’t see the printer due to the different IP address being assigned.

To work around this problem you must set the IP address of the printer to Static in router’s software. Due to the wide range of routers I cannot tell you how exactly to do this on a particular model but you’d better consult the owner manual that comes with your router.

This is a short tutorial for D-link routers: I also found this useful thread that might help:

Another thing you can do for this issue solved without any hassle is to uninstall and install the printer again so a new IP gets assigned to the printer.

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  1. I cannot load a wireless printer to a new laptop we just recently purchased, it is saying that windows 8 does not support the software (I am not a computer person at all) Can I just dump windows 8 and load window 7? I really do NOT like 8 anyway.

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