How to Create a Backup Image in Windows 8

Backing up you Windows installation is useful in case of OS failure where no repair options are available. In Windows 8, creating an image of you drive is very easy to do. The OS includes specialized tools that will help you with this task. Once a backup image is created, you can save it to another hard drive or to a network server. Before you start, make sure you have administrative level command prompt. Here is how to do.

1. Go to the Start screen and type command prompt

2. Righ click on the command prompt and Run As Administrator. For more reference, see the image below.


3. To create a backup of you Windows 8, in the command prompt window that opens, run the following command: wbadmin start backup -allCritical -backupTarget:d: and change the letter d to where you prefer the backup to be saved. It can be any drive, either it is in your PC or external USB. You can also replace d with a network location. Example: wbadmin start backup -allCritical -backupTarget:\\servername\sharename\

4. Before starting the backup operation, you receive a confirmation message. Type Y to start the process. See the image below.


When done, make sure you store the backup in a safe place in case you need it.

If you have any questions, please ask below!