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Different Aspects of PHP Custom Web Application Development Services

phpPHP is an open source server side programming language that offers useful tool for the web developers and programmers, enabling them to easily develop and customise websites. This is ideal for developing dynamic websites as it can be easily inserted in HTML code and get connected to different databases, like MySQL, PgSQL etc. Different versions of PHP was released with more powerful tools that enhanced its usefulness, like PHP4 was empowered by ZendEngine and introduced Superglobals, while PHP6 offers multibyte strings and Unicode.

Range of custom application development by PHP: PHP offers wide range of custom application development, like business software, business applications, classified ads, CRM development, website maintenance, web portals, social networks, communities, dynamic websites, auction, real estate development, ecommerce, shopping carts, online storage, content management and many more. The other custom applications, where PHP is commonly used are online marketplace, newsletter, helpdesk, online accounting software and some other custom PHP web solutions.

Custom web application development: This is needed to obtain quality web solutions that are customer centric, delivered within deadline and budget friendly. This is important for the developers to design cross-browser, high-performance solution and complete the needful task to achieve the goal on time. Many of the web development companies supply skilled and experienced PHP developers who are able to customise the existing web site in minimum time for reasonable price. This needs a lot of experience and in-depth knowledge of the developers along with the awareness about latest technologies.

Some custom software development companies provide PHP web hosting plans. The clients, who opt for both PHP website development and web hosting service, can avail the benefits of configuration and modification of PHP codes from the same set of developers as per the business requirement. This combined service is also helpful for the web developers for easy configuration of the codes, as the codes were written by themselves only.

PHP tools for custom web apps development: Many of the PHP tools available are extremely useful for custom web application development. PHPUnit and Selenium are good as testing tools, while Webgrind, DBG, PHP_Dyn, MacGDBp perform well as debugging tools. Among the documentation tools PHP DOX and PHPDocumentor are to be named, while PHP Profile Class is an optimising tool. Many other advantageous PHP tools are available for following purposes:

  • Security of code
  • Image-manipulation
  • Beautification of website
  • Version control
  • Maintaining useful extensions, classes and utility,
  • Online tools and resources
  • PHP IDEs and Editors
  • In-browser tools
  • PHP frameworks

PHP custom apps development companies:

The websites should be designed in such a way so that they can meet the specific business requirements of clients. So a PHP web development company play crucial role for requirement gathering at initial stage, cost estimation, documentation, designing prototype, functionality, writing codes, design optimisation, testing, debugging, integration, deployment and maintenance. Custom web application development companies provide the clients with consistent and high quality services for web design and development, maintenance and database integration for a reasonable cost. They also provide specific solution for designing e-commerce websites and content management for particular customers.

A business firm should hire PHP developers to evaluate the current performance of the website and are able to recommend you the customisable features required to accelerate the performance to higher level. A website should be customised from time to time along with the changing business regime and policies to fulfil the demand of customers and to flare up company's dominance in market.

Linda Russell writes blogs and posts about current topics of technology and business. She has written many articles on the current trend to hire PHP developers for development and customisation of company websites.


  1. I’m looking for a tool that can help me in my new job… putting together some pages using PHP on top of a MySQL db. I’m a SQL developer, but have no experience with PHP… yet. What I’ve seen so far amount to tutorials in PHP coding, and it seems too slow. What I would like to find is an app that can let me layout a simple page, then generate PHP code needed. From there I can review the code and learn more PHP by editing it.
    Any suggestions?
    [email protected]

  2. Fidatotechnologies

    Although you have no experience in PHP but still you need to understand PHP basics first before using any short method to generate PHP code.

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