The Plexitrac Technology for a Durable Running Track

Running track especially an advanced track surface is designed to provide runners with the highest level of surface performance against the competitors and cushioning for safe training. However, the track should be well maintained to reduce the risk of any injury and ensure that everyone gets an opportunity of fair race. Therefore, the track surfacing system should be done in such a manner that its strikes a balance the dynamic need for running performance and cushioning for the safety of the athletes.

Running Track

One such system that can maintain a long time commitment to promise the athletes with a technologically advanced track system is plexitrac systems. It helps to maintain a tracking system along with the aim to reduce musculoskeletal stress and fatigue. The system is one of the most innovative technological advances and is preferred system for the majority of runner across the world. Plexitrac system is undoubtedly the most preferred choice for rejuvenating, retexturing and improving the existing rubber and utherene, asphalt and SBR latex running track.

Not only this, the technology is also appropriate for extreme weather conditions such as snow and winter cold that degrade lesser running track. Although it is resistant to the UV rays of the sun however, it should be protected from the harsh UV rays to ensure that the color you choose lasts for a prolong period of time. The plexitrac surface is durable leaving you to worry less about its resurfacing again in the near future. Researchers found that installing a thick, shock absorbing surface is important to achieve the proper safety of the athlete. Detail of running track construction specification should be followed to acquire the best quality.

Plexitrac surface is perfect for invigorating your worn running track surface. They provide a cohesive, environmentally friendly and non-toxic track surface to meet the demands of the rigorous athletic standard. Track systems use heavy metals such as lead and mercury as their primary components. However, the Poly-Resin technology has completely eradicated the need of such heavy metal components. The plexitrac products are free from mercury or lead hazards.

The plexitrac products offer four distinct track systems to meet the demand of the runner and the budget. These include:


Plexitrac accelerator offers the highest level of performance for athletic capability, texture and longevity. It has EPDM surface top coated with Polyresin coating that ensures uniformity and protects the color from UV light. The enhanced texture provides optimum color intensity and traction and also meets the low maintenance cost.


To retexturing finish for latex and utherene track surface plexitrac surface is used. It is a Polyresin topcoat. If your running track surface is worn, plexitrac surface is perfect to revitalise it. Its high pigmented composition is filled with EPDM rubber granule for texture and filling of an existing surface of a track.


Plexitrac lightning consists of black SRB rubber granules along with black pigmented plexitrac binder. It is then top coated with a pigmented black finish coat either of plexitrac coating or surface. It helps to protect the surface from UV light and make it powerful to resist any abrasion. However, plexitrac lightning can be updated to plexitrac accelerator during the maintenance cycle.


Plexitrac flash is ideal for value conscious clients. Flash comprised of black SBR rubber along with red plexitrac binder for color depth. The EPDM granule is protected either by plexitrac coating or plexitrac surface.

The plexitrac products and materials:

Plexitrac coating:

It is a pigmented and acrylic coating designed to top coat and resurface SBR latex and other track surfaces. The coating provides a wonderfully colored top coat that protects the track from UV rays and check oxidation and knotting of the treated surface. Plexitrac coating increases the durability and impact resistance of the subsurface.

Plexitrac lock-up:

It is a 100% acrylic coating designed to recoat SBR latex and other track surfaces. Due to its good recovery and high-flexibility quality, plexitrac lock-up enhances the impact resistance of track surface and reduces oxidation and revelling of the treated surface.

Plexitrac binder:

It is a specially formulated water-based resin designed to recoat SBR or EPDM rubber granule to create a strong and resilient running track system. Its unique drying capacity makes the surfacing system elastomeric, spike resistant and environmental friendly that can be applied over asphalt or concrete surface.

Plexicolor line paint:

Unalloyed acrylic non-glare marking paint is used not only on athletic running tracks but also on net ball courts, tennis courts as well as asphalt curbing. These types of color paint are durable and are available in a variety of colors both for textured and non-textured form.

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