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How to change File Associations in Windows 8

As in previous versions of Windows, what application opens which file type is a problem that many folks are still concerned. Although Windows 8 has built-in applications for opening videos, music files, PDFs, images, etc…, one’s desires could be different form what the OS creators intended. In such situation, changing the default program is what you want. There are 4 easy steps to follow in order to do this task. Let’s see.

1. On your desktop, open the File Explorer

2. Right-click the file you want the default opening application changed

3. A settings panel appear. Click Choose Default Program. A list with the recommended programs shows up in a popup window as in the image below. If the program you want does not appear in the list, click on See All.

4. If the program you’re looking for still doesn’t appear, do a search for it at the bottom of the window.


Once the preferred program is set, from now on Windows will open the respective type of file with the application you’ve chosen.

Is that simple as 1,2,3, right? Please let me know in comments if you encountered any difficulty with this task.

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  1. Hello, my word files have changed to wordpad after I have done a system clean. I’m wondering if you know how I can convert them back to word files?

    Thank you

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