Keeping Up With The Growing Demands For VFX Animation

ftg5Year after year the amount of CGI and VFX animation that is being incorporated into the movies is growing. Cinema lovers are expecting increasingly better animation in each movie, making it critical for any VFX animation company to keep up lest they become obsolete.

It has become all the more important for VFX company to improve the quality of animation since the audiences today are more discerning than ever and consume video content on a wide range of devices – from large screens to ultra HD TVs to smaller screens like tablets and smartphones. Add to this the various content streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc. as well as social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. that make a huge amount of content available to the consumers at their fingertips. As a result, the movie producers, directors and animation studios find themselves hard-pressed to give to their audiences what they want. They also need to ensure that the animation of their movies is top-notch so as to differentiate from the competitors. And this competition is not just from other movies but also from other ground-breaking technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), which has captured the imaginations of people across the globe.

So then, how can an animation company make itself stand apart from the rest while also generating consistently high quality of animation that their audiences seek? We discuss below the three most effective ways to address this challenge:

  1. Having the Right People

Among the most important considerations for any VFX company is to ensure that it has the right people for the right job. It’s crucial to have the required talent including VR producers, experienced designers and expert artists who are skilled enough to produce quality VFX, as well as motivated enough to be able to meet the demanding deadlines.

By having a great talent pool, a company can address a big portion of their challenge of delivering innovative, visually engaging, and cost-effective VFX.

  1. Right Technology for VFX Animation

Once the right team is on board, the next equally important consideration for an animation company is to ensure that their technology requirements are in place. As expected, stunning visuals require cutting-edge and robust VFX technology infrastructure.

First, any VFX animation company will require to be furnished with powerful workstations equipped with the latest animation software. They will also need access to powerful render farms which can handle a large amount of intensive computing ranging from modelling creation, to doing the animation to rendering and finally, compositing.

Another crucial technology component for any VFX company is a robust storage infrastructure. Technology has moved way beyond the simple days of using simple external hard disks or NAS (Network-Attached Storage). Today, animation companies must rely upon storage solutions that can store huge amount (hundreds of TBs) of high-res content. High storage capacity means best storage space with high resolution content that provides better performance for full VFX, VR and animation workflows. It also helps to deliver the fast, shared file access to collaborate among scores of animators and designers.

  1. Consider Right Principles of VFX Animations

VFX animation principles are helpful to create stunning animation that can grab the viewer’s attention. Principles like time and spacing, squash and stretch, anticipation, Arcs, Solid drawing, staging and secondary actions you must need to remember to implement in your work. If you take care of all these principles your animation would be best and stunning for sure.

Always make sure that whatever you are going to create in your animation frame or scene that must be done by right way using reliable VFX software that make sense. Your efforts should be goes in to right direction as per the VFX industry standards. So be honest and bring creativity into your VFX work and you will get succeed.

The above three ways will greatly help any VFX animation company in controlling its costs, improving animation quality and dealing with the fast-changing consumer expectations.

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