UNO App for iPhone - When Archery Meets Technology

UNO-VelocitipIt has been quite a long time since archery has become an extremely popular recreational activity. Moreover, it has also carved out a niche in the field of sports as well. With its popularity on the rise, people are working hard to achieve a little more accuracy in the game and take it a step ahead. The previous generation knew only a little more than the cedar shafts and real feathers. With time, steel replaced the knapped stone at one end of the arrow. But the advancements were fast with the advent of this generation as technology also started playing an active part. Full Flight Technology, the maker of Velocitip electronic arrow point, is the developer of UNO, the iPhone app. This app is expected to open up new opportunities in the field of archery.

Since a few years, Velocitip Ballistic System has proved its amazing usage in the field of archery. It collects useful data and that helps the archer to be more correct. The 100-grain field tip looks simple and can be attached to any other arrow shaft. But it contains accelerometers and microelectronics that note down the velocity of a shot arrow and gives the information about the time of flight, arrow drop at 40 yards, kinetic energy at 20 yards, and so on.

Now Full Flight Technology can brag their newest innovation, which is a mobile app that will be more helpful to gather all the necessary information and to make the archer more accurate.

What is UNO?

Now, after all these beating around the bush, you must be thinking what exactly is UNO. It will help the shooters to dial the bow sight for multi-pin yardage while shooting. There is no need to pin each yardage you shoot, like pinning down after you shoot the first 20 yards, the next 30 yards, and so on.

The UNO technology makes the pin gaps displayed on the iPhone screen that depends on the bow specs. It helps one to align the distance pins by holding the phone on the sight. The bottom line is: with the help of this app, the archer can perform several tasks in minutes, which would otherwise have taken hours.

How does it work?

When a sportsperson gets a new equipment, obviously he wants to hone the skills with them as soon as possible. But before that, one must know how the equipment work. The archer first needs to set the bow sight. Though it is a task that is tediously time consuming, the new app just takes a few minutes to do the whole thing. It performs the whole thing with the help of arrow ballistics and iPhone. What one needs to do is to simply provide the details of the bow and sight at one distance. And the UNO does the rest. The phone needs to be placed against the bow sight and slide the sight pins to synchronize with the location of the display. And the job is done within minutes.

The Kickstart Campaign

Full Flight Technology now states that it needs the support of the enthusiasts to make the use of this app successful in the field of archery. As the company states,it needs to bring an iOS developer to make the whole thing happen, so that it becomes helpful for the archery enthusiasts. However, the company is running short of funds, which is necessary to make this app a reality. The financial contribution of $25,000 will support the cause, which, they say, "will make UNO a reality".

The company also promises to reward those people who will contribute to the cause. It is sure that if the whole venture gets support from the enthusiasts all over the world, then archery will become a fun experience for everyone.

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