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Best and Must-Have Free Finance Apps for IPhone

We all know how important it is to keep your financial life as organized as possible. It does not matter whether you are a student or a busy businessman, all that matters is that keeping ones finances in order is essential to an easy life. In case you are wondering how to do this in a simple yet organized manner then the answer is simple: have your phone do all of the tough work for you. Nowadays with all the technology we have available for us it gets easier and easier every passing day to have our smart phones help us keep track our lives. And when it comes to the finances there is absolutely no difference. If you have an IPhone, you will be able to get some very good apps that will help you keep a much more organized and well settled financial life for free. Now let’s take a look at the top 5 apps that will make your life much smoother.



This simple and very user friendly free financial tool will help you know exactly what you have been doing with the money you earn. You will be able to keep track of everything you spend money on thanks to this simple, yet practical tool. The program is easy to understand and offers an amazing sync option that will help you never ever lose your financial history. You can sync your files straight to the Cloud Apple offers and have everything safe! Enjoy this at no cost.



Another amazing program for those who would like to always know how their finances are going. This program has a very interesting and clear interface that will let you understand everything that is going on with the ease you need and deserve. Its safe and extremely practical system automatically connects with your bank account allowing you to have a live update as soon as you spend. This award winning app is extremely safe. You will never have to worry about its security while using it. Your account information will always be secure; there are simply no risks for you the app user.

Money Strands


A simple and free app that can be downloaded by you anytime. It does not matter whether you want to save because you think you spend too much or you want to save to buy a new car, the Money Strand will simply help you understand where your income goes. This personal money administrator app will give you all the information you need as to what you did with your money. If you have created any budgets you can also keep track of them thanks to this app. You will also be able to keep track of everything that you have done to make the best out of your finances in the last 3, 6 or even 12 months. It is certainly worth a try as one of the free apps for the IPhone.

Spend Lite


If instead one only 1 budget you have 5? The Spend Lite free app will be able to help. This is a very simple app that is the free version of Spend another App. You can do everything you need with the free version, there are no doubts about that. Once you have this great app on your phone you will then be able to start budgeting even more than you already do. This app is not the best option for those who need to track lots of complicated things such as taxes and payments due, but it is perfect for those who need to know how much they have spent on trips to the mall or grocery shopping. If you want to get approved Car Loans then this app may be the best option for you.



Another very easy to use free app for financial matters. If you would like to keep track of all the money you spend on a daily basis then this is certainly the right app for you. This notebook like app will allow you to keep track of all that you spend and help you save some amounts of money for specific uses such as phone bill, grocery money and others. This is a simple, yet very useful app that will not even cost you a penny.

Published on behalf of Kate Black. Kate is up to date in financial matters and assists many people to achieve their goals of getting car loans. She is also a young entrepreneur who has a geek like love of new apps and technology.

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