Out-of-the Box Wi-Fi Technologies for Eating Joints

Over the years, the growth of Wi-Fi technologies seems to change the way the cafes and bistros function and conduct their business activities. Since these technologies are available in the market, the top notch eateries drastically incorporate new things and discard the age-old practices. Various conveniences that were unthinkable previously, might be the norm of the present times. Here are the few wi-fi technologies offered by the eateries and improve your dining experience.

Social Wifi applications for Bistros

A new age Wi-Fi social application is beneficial for the tourists who do not have any sense of direction. For the experts this type of application allows the users of social media to locate restaurants, hotel, cafes and events located in the vicinity. It also provides the exact directions as well as reviews on specific recommendation. Such technique is customized to particular client who access and incorporate the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts into your search procedure. These social accounts can be easily accessed through these applications so that check-ins, images or comments you wish to upload are made quickly and that too in the real time. Recently, CNET also announced that Facebook has teamed with an American multinational company to provide free wi-fi for check-ins in café, hotel or retailer.

Wi-Fi technology for Drink Dispensers

You do not have to worry about receiving Wifi signals. This new age technique is best for dispensing cold drinks since it offers free Wi-fi signals for almost thirty minutes at one time. Such wireless signals are available just within forty to fifty mile radius to the users who access wireless LAN devices such as game consoles as well as smart phones. The businesses also make use of this technology for marketing purpose. For example, the users use home page with the product details of beverage of the brand and also about local restaurants and shops around particular vending machines.

Tweet-Enabled Wifi Dispensers offered by the Eateries

Do you want to tweet about your favorite food? Few cafe owners give a free iced tea coupon if they tweet the exact hashtag. At the top portion of the machine, a digital monitor displays a hashtag that you require to send to the followers and then the device will give you a drink. Make sure that you are close to your machine that can determine application component of Twitter.

Technological iphone Guides for café

Many cafes use special wireless applications for iphones. These applications are compatible with iphones and ideal for the users who love look and also want to enjoy freebies from social media. In other words, this application helps the users to know about the details of the cafes, bistros and different eating joints of the neighborhood and help you them to post their photographs and reviews. With this application in your hand, your hunting for food in a city is quite easy as one click of the button. In this way, you can enjoy experimenting with diverse cuisines since this application offers you utmost excitement with minimal physical risk and financial loss.

Wireless application to prevent food preventing for your cafe

When you move out to a new place you often try to find out a new bistro or café to enjoy drink or food. Such places also are good to spend time with your friends and family members. If you find a wrong place your fun will be spoilt. This free application allows you to gain access to all kinds of information regarding the eateries or cafes that have been approved by the health inspectors. You can search and find out your favorite eatery and read out the reports and surveys about these eateries of the surrounding area. Once you are assured of the food quality of a particular café you are convinced of your safety from food poisoning or any kind of health hazard.

Tech based food dispenser

Wifi in café or restaurant offers you something more than just quality food. You can enjoy good food and drinks. An excellent wifi application also helps you to get a technological treat like never before. In order to enable your wifi enabled machine to work, you first have to insert one coin in the lever and then it scans your iphone where you would receive your food treat. Once it is completed you can watch digitalized animation on this screen so that you can use the touch screen and begin the procedure. You will be surprised to get interesting gifts such as party ticket, free drink coupon and so on.

In a nutshell, the best eating joints roll out diverse enterprise applications, starting from Point of Sale Wi-Fi application to special application for detecting food quality, and also help you to attract multiple customers from everywhere.

Steven Scheck is the Principal of Inspire WiFi, the nationwide leader of Wi-Fi networks for the multifamily, hospitality and healthcare industries. He is also very involved in philanthropic causes in Miami and nationally.

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