Newest Technologies Employed In FIFA World Cup 2014

ballThe football fever is on now! This year the event of 2014 World Cup will bring a blast as it represents an array of cut-edge technologies which have never been in any World Cup, ever!

The new technologies that will be used in this one-in-a-four year event are surely going to create an outstanding event along with its helping motto to the players, officials as well as the fan followers during competition and this joyous event, is going to give a booming stroke to its all viewers.

Goalline Technology:

For the first time this advanced technology is to be used at a World Cup in Brazil with supporters claiming it to be hundred percent accurate and never can be hacked.

Goal Control, who is the official authority to provide this system, has re-tested this outstanding technology at Rio’s Maracana stadium which is the venue of the final event of this World Cup in April before the tournament.

Just sixteen months before the World Cup, , the German Company who has signed the contract is being awarded by the FIFA, the World Governing Body of football.

But what is the technology all about? Fourteen high speed cameras will be arranged at each of the twelve World Cup stadiums to have a clear view whether any attempt of goal or stroke has crossed the dead end or not. Seven cameras will be trained on each of the goals and each of them will take 500 snaps in an every second. All will send a ‘GOAL' message to referee to check whether the goal is done or not. But always, the referee will be the first and last person to call. Any time he has the right to override this system if he wants where it is known to him that this advanced technology is always reliable.

Vanishing Foam:

In order to prevent the participating teams from gaining ground illegally at free-kicks, referees will be handed small canisters of substances called vanishing foam. The white, biodegradable substance is meant to be sprayed on the place to spot where free-kicks will be taken from. Also Known as Aero Comex Futline, the substance dissolves just in a minute.

Ultra High Definition Television:

The good news to all of you that The World Cup 2014 is going to be the first event to be captured by the Ultra High Definition where the resolution capacity is 4 times higher comparing to the conventional High Defition television. It needs a satellite network that has to fit to handle 100 megabits of data in every second. With such Latest Technologies Used in FIFA World Cup 2014, its no wonder that the tournament has a number of pleasant surprises to offer us!

The ‘Twitterwall':

DFB has arranged and installed an outstanding designed ‘Twitterwall' at the hotel of the team Germany near the place of Porto Seguro in the Brazillian State and it will help the supporters to send any picture messages using the hash tag (#) to encourage the team who will be able to view this picture displayed on the wall.


We all know what it is all about. Right? Now, using this instant messaging technology on the smart phones, the players of Uruguay can be kept in touch with their team.


The Football Association has installed a scouting app to allow Steven Gerrand, Wayne Rooney and their team players to alter personal data as well as all the video footage of their opponents to take quick decisions against them at the tournaments.

All these Latest Technologies Used in FIFA World Cup 2014 will create a great event and hope all the fans of football World Cup, are going to enjoy this lively and joyous tournament with their full of spirit.

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