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Modern Technology Found In Todays Vehicles

Not even a decade ago the biggest luxury addition you could have on your vehicle was power locks, power windows and air conditioning. Modern technology has made it conceivable for vehicles to come fully loaded with up-to-date safety features and gadgets that make it possible to check email and order dinner without getting out of the car. Here are six modern features that are found in new models of automobiles.futuristic-car

Navigation System

Whether you travel frequently or simply tend to get lost a lot, the Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS) can pinpoint exactly where you are and provide you with turn-by-turn-directions to get you where you need to be. GPS navigation systems can be operated by way of a video screen, voice activation or both. The majority of systems will guide you to the nearest gas station, hospital, ATM or police station, without you entering an address.

Power Outlet

Many newer vehicles have a power outlet installed in the center console that allows you to charge cell phones, or use a laptop or tablet without losing the battery charge.

Adjustable Steering and Pedals

Many new vehicles come equipped with adjustable steering wheels that move in and out as well as electric adjustable foot pedals. Both of these features make it easier to find comfortable driving positions, and they're ideal for drivers who are small in stature, previously having difficulties positioning themselves away from the driver's side airbag.

DVD Player

For people who have kids, one of the best features to have been added to a vehicle was rear-seat DVD players. Most luxury vehicles may come standard with a rear-seat DVD, and if not, they can be installed in any vehicle. The DVD players typically include wireless headphones to eliminate the sound from interfering with conversations in the front of the vehicle.

Keyless Entry

A keyless entry system is designed to allow the driver to unlock the car by remote, and can also be used to start the vehicle from inside your home. The remote also has a panic button, which sounds an alarm to alert others passing by that you need assistance.

Camera System

It is common for newer luxury models to come equipped with a camera system that provides the driver with a view of the back of the vehicle. The camera turns on as soon as the vehicle is shifted into reverse. The newest camera system for a vehicle have between three and five cameras to provide a panoramic view while parking the vehicle; when the driver gets too close to an object behind the vehicle, an alarm sounds.

Technology is continually improving the safety features of a vehicle. Side air bags and parental controls are two of the most popular safety features on newer makes and models. When shopping for a new vehicle, keep in mind that the price of a new vehicle may be much more than your last vehicle, but in most situations, the safety features and unique gadgets make it worth the higher price.

Written by Martin Rocha. Martin works for Jack Key Auto Group. Jack Key is a used and new car dealership.

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