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Why Should We Use Alternative Fuel Sources?

Alternative Fuel Sources-schemeUsing alternative fuel sources simply means feeding your engines with some other source of energy other than gasoline or diesel. But the question that can boggle some people’s minds is that why is everyone running around to adopt more environment friendly ways in order to meet their fuel requirements? What’s all the fuss about anyway? Well, it’s just a matter of doing our bit for the environment.

Thoughtless usage of the fuel sources would one day, result in the depletion of the same, making it painfully hazardous for earth inhabitants to survive. And it is for this reason only that a proactive alternative fuel research has been conducted in the past which has led to some useful options for us. While the research for more alternate fuel sources still continues, we have certain sources like bio gas, solar energy, ethanol blends and others to meet our fuel requirements. Here is why we should use them:

– Earth Friendly

The use of alternative sources of fuel is a boon to our Mother Earth because these sources go a long way in conserving the environment. About 98 per cent of scientists have predicted that the major and irrevocable catastrophe for the Earth is going to be caused by none other than global warming. The effect of global warming is augmenting day by day and that is why there has been a sudden awareness spread to save fuel. If every individual considers this as his/her prime duty and takes daily small actions every day, it would at least abate the effects of global warming, if not minimize them completely.

Let’s own up to the fact that we humans are quite ungrateful and irresponsible as children for our Mother Earth. We stay comfortably in Her lap, expect Her to feed us with food, water and air every day, but we ourselves never give a second thought as to what we should be doing to caress Her. Hence, it’s high time we start doing our part and save nature by encouraging the use of alternative fuel sources.

– Wide Number of Fuel Sources

There is an added advantage for us if we bring in the use other sources of energy in our day t day lives. No, it does not mean that you need to fly a jet engine everyday in order to use bio-diesel and prove that you are the supporter if the environment! If that happens, it would be both silly and hilarious! What is meant by wiser options available for your daily life is that you have diverse choices available for cooking, travelling, heating and cooling of your houses etc. You could use bio diesel, bio gas for cooking purposes, choose to travel in electrical vehicles, opt for solar cookers, solar heaters, solar chimneys and even solar calculators! So you see, environment provides you with such a large range of options to meet your energy requirements, not only occasionally or for specific purposes, but also to carry out your every day activities.

– The Waste Is Used

An average American produces at least 4.6 pounds of waste per day. So instead of throwing the waste material, it is so much better if it is recycled or processed into something useful. Especially, if that use includes producing alternative sources of energy. There has been some very exciting developments which have led to the processing of bio fuels by using the seed stock (considered to be waste) which is extracted from the waste material. More than 236 million trash is generated every year, so this way is an excellent one to counter this trash material. Some very common sources of bio fuels are bio mass, waste from methane or fibrous food crop, waste oil from the large industry of food and others.

– Foreign Oil Not Required

With the growing use of alternative sources of fuel, the need to rely on other foreign countries for oil supply would reduce up to a large extent. With the increase in production of the bio fuels produced by the United States, artificially inflated pricing, the chances for disputes, and sporadic supplies reduces majorly. If such imbalances would not be curbed then they can give rise to havoc within the economy as well as the peace of America. The foundation of the US economy is the oil industry and reliance of foreign countries to meet this requirement would weaken the power of US over their economy, hence this is the major and also growing concern among America. So, if people choose to use bio fuels, it can give a boost to the rural economies which would in turn support the overall economy.

– Aids Our Farmer Friend

With so many changes happening and new trends coming in, the farmers have also undergone some healthy developments to support their families better and also to support the economy if the US. Now apart from performing their age old task of growing crops for our meals, farmers today have also got involved into the production of bio fuels. Their purpose of making their development is simple to contribute substantially to a greener and environment friendly industry, which gives a chance to the people to choose bio fuels over fossil fuels. As a matter of fact, the more rural economies are empowered, the better it is for the overall economy of the United States. This is because the power will stay within the individual farmers rather than the large corporations.

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