How to Reduce Your Car’s High Gas Mileage

futuristic-carSince we cannot control the gas price hike, what we can do is to use it wisely. It is a good thing that there are several easy tricks and tips to help you reduce your car's gas mileage.

The number one tip is to watch your acceleration. Did you know that you can save up to 30 percent on your gas mileage if you manage to have a 15-second acceleration time when going from zero to sixty? Speeding and accelerating or braking aggressively wastes gas. Driving sensibly does not only help you save gas and money, it may also save your life.

Another way of saving gas and driving safely is by monitoring your speed limit. You should keep in mind that the faster you drive, the more gas you use up. Being at speeds above 50 miles per hour will hastily decrease your gas mileage. And that for every 5 mph you accelerate above 50mph, you pay a supplementary $0.25 per gallon for gasoline.

It is also helpful if you take off excess weight from your car. Adding unnecessary things in your car can decrease your gas mileage up to about 2% for every 100 pounds. Keep this in mind especially if your car is small - because this has greater effect on smaller vehicles than on larger ones.

Additional Helpful Tips

  1. Place your transition in neutral at long traffic standstills.
  2. Did you know that driving on rough roads can reduce your gas mileage by 30%? So avoid it whenever you can.
  3. When driving on high speeds, you must remember to close your car windows. Save up to 10 percent of gas mileage when you do so. It is the same with closing your sunroof. Open windows or sunroofs can increase resistance and will result to more gas usage.
  4. Avoid too much idling. Did you know that idling use up to a quarter to a half gallon of fuel per hour? You must turn off your engine when your car is parked. Start driving as soon as you start your car's engine. Modern car engines do not require warm up, so it saves you time and gas money.
  5. Make use of cruise control when driving on the highways. It will help you keep a consistent speed and will ultimately help you save gas.
  6. Refrain from reverse driving maneuvers.
  7. Drive at the legal speed limit. By doing so, you are most likely to hit green traffic lights. If you are able to avoid excessive stopping or slowing, you will be able to reduce your car's high gas mileage.
  8. It is also important to remember that you can prevent using excessive gas if you accelerate before approaching a hill or incline.
  9. Use overdrive gears to lower you engine speed down. This does not only help you save gas, it also prevents engine wear.
  10. If you can refrain from using your car's air conditioner, do so to save gas.

By being consistent in implementing the tips above you will be able to reduce your car's high gas mileage and save a lot of money in the process. Remember not to be overwhelmed with all the things you can do and just take it one at a time.

Published on behalf of Mr. Fahad Hizam-an active motorsport and tuning writer. He regularly writes about car tuning and SLP Performance Parts for Mustangs as well as other car-related topics.

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