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What is a Solar Car Park?

Solar car parks are a revolution in commercial solar and are taking the world by storm. A solar car park is a traditional parking space that is covered with pv solar panels supported by a steel structural support. The energy that is generated by the solar panels is then fed back into the local solar power system of the building or complex; depending on the setup of the system this power is then used to power the building or sent back to the grid to offset the power bills for the organization.

The real question here is why aren’t all businesses installing solar car parks? In fact, The Washington Post states that solar car parks are the “best idea in a long time” in an article that they wrote about this concept in 2015. So how could a solar car park work for your business or organization?

Taking action to reduce your business’ impact on the environment and your electricity bills could provide positive customer and staff benefits. The best way to do it is to install a solar carpark at your business.

Solar-covered parking lots provide shelter and protection to your customers’ and employees’ cars from the elements, but unlike normal covered parking lots, solar-covered parking lots can also generate solar power, which lowers your electricity bill and cut your business’s carbon footprint.

Why a Solar Park?

Suppose we were talking about a hectic shopping mall with a solar car park. A solar array will generate energy which will offset the electricity we consume during opening hours.

The sun’s energy is returned to the grid if the mall doesn’t use any significant amount of power while still shining. If it is a holiday or in the morning, it could be done at any time.

The Australian company, PV Structures, are one example of a company that is creating “something from nothing” with solar car parks. Scott Fitzpatrick the Managing Director of PV Structures states,

“Solar car parks are the way to go for businesses of all sizes. There is really no downside! The cost of the car park is paid off so quickly that the business is in profit from day one. And what is really interesting is how much goodwill having a solar structure front and centre in a shopping centre generates within the community.”

What are the benefits of solar car parks?

The benefits of solar car parks for businesses are numerous and ready for you to realise by simply changing the way that you approach the car park on your business premises.

1. Help the Planet and Your Business

As well as delivering a return on investment, solar car parks are good for the environment. Traditionally, solar car parks have been a non-profit capital expense.

A solar car park will drastically reduce your organization’s carbon dioxide emissions by offsetting power usually acquired from the grid.

2. Get more power for less money

Among all renewable energy sources in Australia, solar energy is both the cheapest and cleanest.

You can generate free, clean electricity through a solar car park, which will be discreetly incorporated into your structure.

You can expect your savings to increase along with the number of bays. The cost of solar parking can be covered in as little as two years.

Solar car parks can helpfully offset the daytime electricity bills of businesses after they pay for themselves.

3. Carbon footprint reduction

Besides generating a return on investment, solar car parks also contribute to the protection of the environment.

Solar carparks can drastically reduce CO2 emissions by offsetting the energy it normally purchases from the grid. Additionally, solar panel installation can increase your appeal over your competitors by symbolizing your commitment to sustainable practices. Solar car parks are still able to be installed in smaller retail precincts and shopping centres. No matter how small the system is, even small solar panel systems will have an impact.

4. Add in an EV Charging Station

Many solar car park manufacturers are able to add in an EV charging station to the build so that your customers can enjoy the convenience of charging their electric vehicle whilst they are using your premises. What a great way to attract and retain shoppers and patrons.

Is it time for you and your organization to consider that there could be additional solar options for you to embrace as we move into the future? Hopefully, this article has helped you to consider that rooftop solar is not the only option when it comes to commercial renewable energy and that there could be other options available for you such as a solar car park made of PV structures.

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