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The Best Aviation Apps for Iphone, Ipad and Android

airplaneApps aren't just for your average consumer anymore. They can literally help you fly a plane. And now, datalink-enhanced communication and surveillance technology previously available mainly for large aircraft is rapidly growing, opening up a well-connected aviation infrastructure that benefits aircraft of all sizes.

Whether you pilot large jets, helicopters, small airplanes, or work in the aviation industry, there are many apps available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android that can help you figure out the safest and most efficient flight plans possible.

Below are 8 aviation apps to assist pilots, instructors and anyone who frequently flies:

1. FlightDeck 360 (iPad)

Created for SatCom Direct datalink customers, the FlightDeck 360 app gives access to Digital ATIS, while offering technical support and the ability to map out all flight plans.

Even smaller aircraft can view real-time flight data and monitor the cabin from the cockpit. This useful app also provides on-ground tracking of aircraft takeoff, air position and landing to help dispatchers keep the airways safe.

2. CloudAhoy (iPad, iPhone)

This app is especially handy for flight schools and private aviators, capturing every flight path to allow for analyzing of flights via cockpit video, satellite images, map, or charts.

All flight data is automatically archived by the CloudAhoy app, but users have the option of sharing flights with friends, and can even post flights on Facebook if they choose.

3. Spin-a-Wind (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android)

Wind plays a large role in the assessment process of every pilot, making this an extremely helpful app for calculating crosswind, tailwind and headwind factors currently affecting the runway.

Spinning wheels are used to make selections, giving Spin-a-Wind its name, but this handy app also offers altitude calculations to keep you flying smoothly, and temperature calculations such as humidity, heat index and wind chill.

4. ForeFlight Mobile (iPad, iPhone)

Offering detailed weather maps and airport information, the ForeFlight Mobile app was created with pilots in mind, and includes approaches, departures and arrivals for all U.S. and Canadian IFR systems.

ForeFlight Mobile app data includes en-route charts and cleared ATC routes. This app also details current weather conditions, and can eliminate the need for paper charts with flight plan filing and storage via iPad.

5. FAR/AIM (iPad, iPhone)

In addition to being aware of flight paths and weather conditions, all aviation professionals need to know FAA rules, making this app detailing Federal Aviation Regulations a useful guide to have around for quick reference.

With regular updates and a user-friendly, searchable index, the FAR/AIM app allows pilots of small or large aircraft, engineers and instructors to quickly access the rules and regulations that apply to their particular operations.

6. Intellipilot (Android)

The Intellipilot app can help serve as a log book for pilots, helping them stay organized and eliminating paper clutter. With the ability to document flight/crew information and aircraft/airport details, this app also includes 10,000+ airport codes.

Users may also connect to the Internet to send files to an email address for safe documentation and recordkeeping.

7. WingX (iPhone)

The WingX app offers up-to-date weather with moving radar displays, a flight path planner, an AOPA airport directory, FAA documents and an animated flight calculator.

The WingX Pro 7 app is available for iPad and iPhone users, and gives pilots the ability to file flight plans, stay informed of wind conditions, print charts wirelessly, and even features a GPS-enabled moving map with all of the information a pilot needs to ensure a safe flight.

8. Mobile (iPad, iPhone, Android)

This app allows pilots to track flights, access airport procedures, maintain and edit a log book, download documents directly to a device, review and change flight plans on aviation charts and more. Mobile gives users access to information about 6000+ airports in 17 countries, GPS-enabled maps and detailed weather conditions.

If you work in the world of aviation, consider using the apps above to organize information, reduce paperwork, avoid flight delays due to weather conditions and manage the many important safety aspects of air travel.

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