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How to Successfully Turn Your Mobile App Idea into Reality?

mobile appsOver the last couple of years, there are numerous people and companies, having a great mobile app idea that they want to make it big in their field. Either they are looking forward to reaching a new audience or better serve their existing customers.

However, they don’t know about the steps or process that required to turn a mobile application idea into reality. Because of the lack of information and knowledge among many startups and established companies, many of them do not know how to go about shaping an application idea.

If you also have a mobile app idea in your mind that you wanted to convert into reality, the below-mentioned steps can help to turn your high-end idea into a feature-rich mobile application.

Below are the Steps to turn your Mobile App Idea into Reality

1. Write Down Your Feature List

First and the foremost thing you should do is conceptualize your idea that initiates by taking some notes. Before you proceed ahead, you should write down whatever comes into your mind. You can write down a complete list of features on a note that will help you to focus on your idea and expand it.

It is also advisable to you that you write down your idea numerous times and in different ways. At the time of discussing with your co-founders, designers or developers, this list will be helpful for you. Ensure that you should have them sign an NDA before you share your feature list.

Apart from this, you can make your feature list completely clean and easy-to-understand. Moreover, you also give your attention to the popular and unique features that will play the major role in the success of your product.

2. Research the Market

Once, you end up writing a complete list of features, now you wanted to do is market research to find the competition, latest trends, and market needs. Ensure that there are no similar applications in the market.

In case, if you find any similar app, check out their reviews, ratings, feedback and which are the things that are missing. The missing features can be added in your app and it will be unique and more attractive to the audience. If you have done the research, you should update your feature list one more time.

3. Know the Audience

Now, it’s time to know your audience closely. You should know, who would be the audience for your product. Know them completely like from which industry they belong, gender, region, age, existing customers, specific profession, income group, or any other group, etc.

Once, you have identified the demographics of your audience, now you should know what people from these demographic prefer. By knowing your audience, you can re-develop your application and the features in it to serve them.

As you know that your whole project moves across user engagement. You can also conduct group studies to find out what your audience may like or dislike and your audience will decide about your product’s success.


4. Start Creating Rough Wireframe

It’s true that you have not done it before, or you don’t know how to do it. But, the rough sketch or wireframe will help you out in defining the whole concept and refine the needs of your product. With the help of paper and pencil, you can draw a rough sketch and you can use tools for creating a wireframe.

Once you start creating the sketch/wireframe, you will be able to polish your application’s idea and features list. Also, it will help you to decide about the proper navigation of the app. For this step, there is no need of technical skills; however, it is must to have a common understanding of how navigation works. Along with the feature list, the wire frames will develop some excellent specifications to develop the mobile app.

5. Hire a Mobile App Developers’ Team

Once, you finalize the first version of the feature-list and wire frame, you want to start knowing about mobile app developers’ team, who can develop your mobile application in a high-quality and cost-effective way. You should start looking for mobile app development companies and reach out to them.

After finalizing some of the good vendors, you can have them sign an NDA and send them the project details. A good and professional company will check your details and ask you different questions.

Make sure that you answer all those questions and communicate well. The company will also give you some suggestions to enhance the idea. Moreover, you can check out their past projects so that you get an idea about the company and their quality of work.

6. Finish the UI/UX

After selecting the company, you can start working with them and develop the UI/UX of the application. Initially, you can ask the company to develop the detailed wire frame of the app so that you can visualize every single screen, function, and the flow of the app.

After reviewing it, you can decide about different features that you wanted to add or remove. Once, you finish with the wire frame, you can create the visual design of the app. It must give the color, theme, fonts, and visual appeal for your idea. It will be the final picture of your mobile app like how it will look and work.

rfefett7. Get Your App Developed & Tested

Is your app developer started developing the app? Once he starts developing the app, he must be able to send your app every week and you should test it and give him regular feedback. It is important for you to test the application as he develops it as this will help you out in controlling the quality, cost, and timeline.

Apart from this, you can also involve your friends, business or project partners in the testing. If you wanted to make any changes in the features while developing, you can discuss it directly with your app developer and get the estimation. If it is possible to change the features, you can ask the developer for it.

8. Launch the App & Start Marketing

Once the application has been developed, you can launch it in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Now, you can start marketing the application. Get some advice from the expert on app marketing.

Along with it, you can also do self-marketing like on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as these are biggest social network platforms, where you can market about the app.

The best thing you can do is get in touch with bloggers and reporters, who may have an interest in your application. In case, if your budget is high, you can opt for app marketing company to market your application.

These are the highly important steps to follow to successfully turn your app idea into an application. If you are finding it difficult, you can hire a professional mobile app development company and discuss your requirements.

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