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Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit from Mobile Apps

mobile-apps-for-small-businessesThere are numerous mobile apps that are easily available in the market. You, too, might feel the need to own an app in order to spell success for your business. However, for small businesses it is necessary to decide whether they actually need an app as it requires significant investment of both money and effort. But at the same time, it's true that a properly developed mobile app can actually help your businesses to grow. The main reason behind this is that handheld devices are ruling the world. People are increasingly accessing internet from their mobile devices instead of desktops. Mobile devices provide you the freedom to access internet (information) from anywhere and at anytime. Since a lot of factors are involved in determining the fate of small businesses, you must first find out how beneficial can it be to develop a mobile app.

The app revolution is here

Everywhere the business owners are gradually opting for the mobile apps as a marketing and branding tool. In order to increase their brand visibility, promotional ability and customer loyalty business owners favor the apps. For ecommerce businesses it is especially crucial. Look at Apple. Although it is nowhere a small business but since its first iPhone launch in 2007, over 100 billion apps were downloaded across the globe. In fact, it is considered that there are more mobile devices in this world than people. But it is not easy to popularize the apps. You require an effective and strong strategy as it becomes the first platform where the consumers will be interacting with the brand.

Do you really need an app?

Having a mobile app can always help your businesses. All you need is the right mobile app designer who can comprehend your requirements well. If your target consumers do not find app related to your company they will simply move on to another company. This is the reason why mobile apps are recommended for companies of all sizes. For those small businesses that are looking forward to ensure success, for them the mobile apps will be quite beneficial.

For instance, if you own a local bakery, having app can add new dynamic to your trade. A business that is dependent on footfalls might not pay attention towards developing an app but it could actually help you to ensure that the customers remain loyal to your brand.

It can be a simple one but your presence must be felt online. An app provides a good opportunity to gather customer feedback. All they need to do is type a text message on their mobile devices and leave a comment or suggestion behind. This helps in improving the business tremendously. This is also a platform where you can interact with your customers directly.

Can you organize your data?

Of course, you can. Besides the games, there are various useful apps that can help you to organize your data in a simple way. What the small businesses need to understand is that how the app will benefit from the available data.

Is your website an effective one?

Most of the mobile apps have a complementary website. Businesses mostly introduce the conventional websites initially. These websites are maintained along with the apps. The reason behind this is that the data required to populate the mobile app is derived from the same database as the conventional website. The latter are designed in such a way that they work on a large screen. Therefore, the company has the option to provide customers with more information onscreen. On the other hands, the mobile apps feature small screens that people are required to touch in order to navigate them. This way the amount of information to be presented to the browsers can be limited. In addition to this mobile apps are also limited by the network speeds. As a result, it is also required that your website is an effective one as well.

Create a long term strategy

In order to allow your mobile app fit your marketing plans, it is essential to lay out a proper mobile strategy. There are several companies that consider an app for short term marketing tactic. They, thus, do not integrate the same in their campaigns. However, there are various other companies, like, Netflix that are completely dependent on the apps for providing services and gaining customers. If you are planning to build your small business along the lines of Netflix then you require to be carefully strategizing your moves.

Apps are replacing websites

The handheld devices are replacing the computers at a fast pace. It is estimated that currently around over 5 billion mobile phone users and 1.5 billion smartphone users are there. If you can promote your mobile app properly then you can become a branded icon on the device of your customers.

Whether the app will benefit your business depends on several factors including the industry you belong to and the services you are offering. In addition, your web presence, branding and marketing efforts will also be taken into account. Although app development might sound a costly affair but if integrated properly it will help you to reap better benefits in the long run. Hence, it is necessary to research properly before making a decision. Research about your competitors properly and take note of the way your business has performed over the years with the conventional website. When compared to the large businesses the small ones have the advantage of catering to niche market and provide better customer services. With the help of apps they can exploit this niche market better and ensure higher ROI.

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  1. What I liked about this post is it has included all the right points. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I don’t think that apps will replace all of the sites because u dont have so much screen size and it’s harder to read on mobile. I personally prefer to read with Kindle or PC

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