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10 Apps to Detect Your Speed and Assure Safety on Road


Roads are always unpredictable and messy. While driving, it’s very important to keep a check on the speed limit. In most of the countries, exceeding a definite speed limit is a punishable offense. Cops will issue speeding tickets and you will have to pay a fine if you are caught exceeding the speed limit. Why are these speed limits set? Ensuring a speed limit on roads, allows the vehicles to move at a definite speed. When all vehicles move at the same speed on the road, the risk of accidents are naturally decreased.

Therefore cops on road are very strict about the speed limits. While driving, sometimes you tend to forget the speed limit. This is the moment when you need to check and control your speed. Here are some apps listed, which will help you in maintaining the speed limit and assure your safety on road.

1. Cop Radar Speed Detector:

Cop Radar will not only detect your speed but also entertain you. While driving, most of the drivers tend to forget the speed limit on road. This brings the risk of getting a speeding ticket from cops. So if you want to be on the safe side, download this app on your iPhone and set a speed limit on it. While driving, if you ever cross that speed limit, the app will let you know by producing an alarm sound.

Not only this, you can also use it to check the speed of a train, car, bi-cycle or hover board on which you are traveling. This will entertain you and your friends because you will be able to check at what speed are you moving. It is a very useful app on road and saves you from unwanted penalties.

2. Puck Tronics Speed Meter:

This cool app will never let you down, when the concern is about the speed limit on road. It is always a fantastic guide when speed, altitude and limiting the speed is concerned. Features of this app are:Has a multicolor display, which can be changed to a single color also

  • Has a multicolor display, which can be changed to a single color also
  • Lets you set the speed limit with just a touch on the screen
  • Shows your maximum speed from the time you have started driving
  • Has indicators that show the direction as well as altitude
  • Has a GPS system

With this app installed on your phone, you can easily save yourself from the cops. This will guide you, alert you and save you from them. So, download this app on your phone and enjoy your drive.

3. Speed View Pro:

A master guide to your overall speed, direction, distance and time! It is perfect for running, biking, driving and hiking. This is actually a GPS based speedometer and is far better than the speedometer installed in your car. It supports higher accuracy, Linear compass and HUD mode. Linear compass is used to show you the direction in which you are traveling. HUD mode shows a mirror image of the numbers on your car’s dashboard and reflects it on the front glass.

There are a lot of other features in this smart app like, speed graph, speed warning, display units, GPX track report and background mode. All these high profile systems within the app make the app really smart and helpful. Download this app to enjoy a hazard free road.

4. Speed Cameras By Road Pilot:

Speed Cameras by Road Pilot is a fantastic app for your android phone. This app turns your android phone into a driving aid. It guides you with different aspects of driving like definite speed cameras, records your journey, controls your speed, helps in less fuel consumption and in return makes you a much better driver.

When you drive, your speed and distance traveled are displayed on your personalized dashboard. This is a highly efficient app. There are different functionalities that you can enjoy with this app:

  • Speed camera alerts
  • Mobile speed trap alerts
  • Average speed cam alerts
  • Reporting speed cam alerts
  • Delete speed cams
  • Background alerts
  • Trip recording
  • Trip computer
  • Eco driving gauge

5. GPS HUD Speedometer Free:

This app actually uses your device’s inbuilt GPS system to report your present, average and maximum speed. Not only this, but it also reports the total distance and time taken by you. In total, it calculates your speed, time and distance. A GPS based speedometer is much better than your car’s speed calculating device. It always keeps a close vigilance on your driving, running and biking experiences.

It allows you to experience multiple views, HUD mode, gives you distance and speed updates, alerts you when you exceed the speed limit, maintains an acceleration test, saves your location, navigates and displays your speed. It also can import and export data. With such facilities and functionalities, this app is great for your mobile and allows you to experience a safe driving.

6. Police Alert:

While driving on road, we may forget to keep a check on the speed of our vehicle. Sometimes, we are in a hurry and cross the speed limit. Soon cops will catch you and issue you a speeding ticket. So, to avoid these undesirable circumstances, download the Police Alert app.

Police Alert is actually a community which alerts you if there is a police or fireman nearby on the road.

With this app installed on your mobile, you will get an alert on road wherever the law keepers are present. Knowing that there is a cop nearby, you will get alert and lower the speed. This app uses the GPS system, locates the cops and alerts you. It is quite user friendly and will always keep you informed.

7. GPS LED Speedometer:

This app has a colorful LED screen, to check the speed of your vehicle. It is actually a digital speed check app which uses the GPS system. To operate this app, you must have a GPS system on your phone. It will show the speed at which you are driving your vehicle. This is a great app that provides you a safe and smooth driving experience.

This app can be used with bikes, cars and any other such vehicles. Another notable thing about the app is that it works well even in cloudy weather. It gives you accurate results and alerts you whenever you tend to cross the speed limit.

8. CoPilot USA-GPS Navigation

With an inbuilt voice system, this app helps you to navigate through roads. Part by part, turn by turn, each and every detail are carefully explained in this app, so that you do not face problems while driving on the road. The best part of this app is, it can also function offline and you do not need to worry about an internet connection everywhere.

There is no hazard of monthly subscriptions, just pay for one time, download this app and be tension free on road. The different features of this app are

  • GPS navigation
  • Offline maps
  • POIs
  • Powerful route planning for life

One more notable feature in this app is, it has one year of real time traffic information which is powered by INRIX absolutely for free. Therefore, to avail a sound and safe driving experience, download this app on your phone.

9. Driver Companion 4 Uber & Lyft:

This device includes a security camera. It is a useful tool for the drivers, because through this app they can chat with each other, share tips, warn about some problems and then organize their drive.

Let’s see what are the features that you get in this app:One touch security camera

  • One touch security camera
  • Facility of chatting with other drivers in your locality
  • Driver HUD
  • Surge alert
  • Easy import of data from Uber platform.

So, if you want to enjoy a stress-free driving, download this app immediately and make roads a safer place.

10. Speedometer GPS:

Speedometer GPS is able to track the distance, location, speed and time of a vehicle and can detect the start time, average speed, maximum speed and altitude. The features of this app are:It saves all of your track information.

  • It saves all of your track information.
  • It can easily switch between a car’s speedometer as well as a bicycle’s odometer.
  • It gives you a detailed display of your speed chart.
  • It can also get your location.

Download this app and follow its instructions, because prevention is better than cure. You may be a very careful driver, but with this app, you will be able to relax while driving.

All the apps listed above are aimed at providing you safety on roads. Speed, time and distance are huge factors on road. With these apps, you will stay alert on road, save yourself from cops, and know how to drive safely.

If you have any questions, please ask below!