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The Importance of Mobile Monitoring Apps to Protect Your Children

children-protectionSmartphone technology has completely consumed the very little time that we used to spend on PC's and laptops. Everything has been revolutionized, and in this tech era, we have the freedom to surf web, shop online, play games, stay close to our loved ones-all through our smartphones. On the other hand, we have apps for almost every possible thing one could imagine of!

Earlier, we were forced to visit websites through desktop, simply because the websites weren't mobile friendly nor did they had any app for the easy access. Even WebMD has an android app now-therefore we now know that installation of the app is what one needs to stay in touch with the world (talk about user friendliness & freedom, eh?)

Future Of Android Apps Is Prodigious & Successful

Majority of apps which get downloaded and used are mobile games; myriads of games that can get you addicted within a few seconds. The fascinating thing about the apps is that no matter which smartphone operating system you have, you will always find an app for your phone.

Kids, right from the very beginning get drawn towards the gadgets; be it a toddler getting excited while watching a T.V, or a 3rd grade child grinding your gears for a new smartphone. However, this nitpicking and extreme fussy behavior of kids gets outrageous when they have no clue how they're supposed to use a smartphone wisely. Parents need to be alert and should make it a point that their child's mobile phone is monitored regularly!

Why You Need To Monitor Kid's Mobile Phone?

As a parent, you should always be involved in the monitoring of your kids-it shouldn't be limited to just PC's, in fact kids use smartphones more than their systems. They have full authority over their phone, they can download and use any app they want, browse any kind of information they want to.

Kids are anxious, curious and inquisitive-they want to learn, know, see. For this they have a wide variety of information access online; what raises concern is, how easy it would be for kids to access the obscene content, action or violent content. Therefore, you can't keep them away from their smartphones, you just need to be clever and monitor their activities.

So What? How Can Smartphone Use Be Unsafe?

Since smartphones are majorly used by kids and teens for the convenience of instant messaging, it becomes highly important for you to be aware of things your kids could do via apps such as WhatsApp, Viber of Facebook. Not that we say that your kids are doing something fishy, its just a possibility because kids mess up.

How Should You Confine Your Child's Phone Access?

To begin with, you can try defining some rules for your children to access phone. Tell them that you will keep an eye on their cell phone activities; don't threaten them, instead make them understand the consequences of smartphone misuse. Inform them about various issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, and other things which could eventually mess up their future.

Apart from the ‘gyan' (information), you should install a mobile monitoring app in their mobile phone because, they are kids and certainly they will make a mistake. Installing the app in their mobile phone will enable you to keep a check on their cell phone activities 24×7. In your user account, you will be able to virtually control your child's mobile phone, but also access everything that they have on their phone. You will be able to:

  • See their phone book list, call logs, call duration.
  • Read emails, text messages with time and date information.
  • View the multimedia gallery.
  • See the instant messaging chats such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber etc.
  • Get complete web browsing history.
  • Get GPS location information.

By installing a mobile monitoring app in your child's mobile phone, you will not only ensure that they use it properly, but will also keep yourself at peace by knowing their whereabouts! It is a must for any parent who want to protect child's future!

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