High-Tech Spy Gadgets and Their Many Uses

spy gearThe word spy gets thrown around a lot when talking about small electronic devices, but there really isn't anything inherently mystical or dramatic about these little gadgets. Sure, once upon a time micro cameras and tiny microphones were considered innovative, military grade technology that only a handful of government agents had access to. Today, however, such technology is widely available and has therefore lost some of the allure. You don't have to be involved in cloak and dagger operations to find uses for small electronics both around the house and outside.

Another common misconception is that such devices are only useful for private detectives or those who wish to keep a watchful eye on their partners, lest they become unfaithful. With the huge leaps technology makes every year, it is a sad state of affairs when there are people unable to utilize all these useful gadgets to their full potential because they lack imagination. Here are some very useful gadgets along with information on the different ways people are using them.

Taking holiday photos with discrete items you always have with you

Lugging around a big camera can be a bit inconvenient at times, and even downright tasteless in certain situations. What if you just want to get a bit of a tan on the beach or sit under a shade sipping on a cocktail? What if you want to experience some of the local culture without looking like the average rude, slack-jawed tourist who only sees the world through the camera lens? Also, on many historical sites and museums cameras are prohibited, mostly because the exposure to the flash might damage delicate wall paintings. Well, there are ways to record video (even full 1080p HD) and take high-resolution pictures without drawing attention to yourself or constantly holding on to a camera. Glasses and watches with micro cameras are the ideal way to ensure that you always have a camera on your person, and the best thing about them is that it only takes a slight, natural adjustment of your body as you face the thing you wish to film or take a snapshot of and that's it. No flash, no hassle. High end models of spy watches offer low-light condition infrared filming, as well as high definition 720p and 1080p, with a battery that lasts several hours and with plenty of memory.

camera sunglasses

GSM based audio surveillance devices for your home or office

Modern audio surveillance devices (bugs) fall into several categories, but some of the more interesting options available to you are the ones that utilize GSM technology. These devices have a small microphone, but instead of recording sounds they transfer this information to your cell phone. For example, there are small alarm units that can be installed on a door (at your house, office or store) and will activate once the door is opened, placing a call directly to your phone and allowing you to listen in on what is happening. This way you won't risk coming back home in the morning to find it in disarray, as you will be immediately notified of a burglary in progress and can take steps to ensure the thieves are caught before too much damage is done. You can even use it to make sure that your kids don't leave the house while you are away - no matter how much they promise to do the homework and clean the house they always try to sneak out to go hang out with their friends, with this little gadget you can stay on top of things.

These are just some examples of using modern technology to help you out in simple little everyday situations. There are simply too many highly functional little spy gadgets on the market today to fit in a simple article, so I would advise you to do a bit of research and browse through the many websites that deal with electronics and gadgets. You might find some of these devices quite valuable, as there are many different ways they can be used to make your life a little easier.

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