Data: Travelling the World with You

big-dataYou probably don't even think of the technology and science that goes on behind the scenes when you send your fried an email. You probably don't even think much more of it when you are messaging back and forth with a friend who lives an ocean away. However, the fact that this technology is possible and so widely used is pretty incredible. A lot of data, cables, and connectors goes into making your seemingly innocuous email conversation possible.

Data as a World Traveler

You may have just climbed one of the nation's or one of the world's tallest peaks. You might not even think about snapping a photo on your phone at the top of that mountain and publishing it to one or all of your social media profiles for the world to see. But next time, perhaps as you stand in awe of what you have just done, you can also stand in awe at where that little message and your photo have travelled. The information must first be sent to a data center that houses the server you are connected to. It likely crossed several miles of terrain and might even cross an entire ocean before it is seen by friends and family back home.

Something to Think About

Whether you are on a tablet, your smartphone, or just in your own home or office, it might be a fun activity to take a look at this infographic and think about the data that you are sending out and where it might be going.

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