Car Gadgets for Tech Savvy Drivers - Say No to Road Accidents

Safe driving requires undivided attention, however drivers these days are distracted by so many things that the chance of causing, or being part of a car accident is higher than ever. With the introduction, and wide use of smartphone technology the average driver has become even more distracted and hazardous for themselves and others around them.

Modern technology however can also be put to good use, in order to make driving safer and less risky. There are many different gadgets and electronic gizmos which can allow for a safer driving experience, and reduce the chance of being in an accident. Choosing what to put in your car, depends on how much you drive, how far you drive, what are your driving skills and experience, and of course-the terrain. Below we have listed down some very useful examples that would come in handy:

Nissan Nizmo smartwatch

Nismo which is short for Nissan Motorsport - the high performance division of the Japanese car maker, have come out with a smart car watch which communicates with the vehicle and the driver at the same time. The Nismo watch is multifunctional and gathers and analyses multiple streams of data: it monitors car performance and keeps driver in check with fuel consumption, average speed and other essential vehicle information. The Nismo smart watch actually monitors driver's heart rate and body temperature. This clever device reports your driving activities to your social network friends, upon request of course. The Nismo watch connects to a Nissan made vehicle via Bluetooth. The watch also provides drivers with other useful info like road and traffic conditions ahead, and when the car needs a check-up. Being a safety-first car gadget, the Nismo watch also advises you to slow down when your heart rate climbs too much.

spy camera

Car gadgets are getting sneakier and cleverer, and this little gem makes no exception. The power converter slash spy camera is a small sized, dashboard mounted device which makes use of motion activated camera and a stack of other features. Such devices are hugely popular in many countries as they allow for unbiased opinion and offer a perfect account of accidents, near misses and other issues faced by motorists. This device has a sufficiently large 32GB hard disk, which records for months on end as the device camera is motion activated. Such cameras can help with insurance claims and fraud, as well as investigation of heavy accidents. There are time and date stamps being projected at all times while recording, plus there is a pretty good low light recording function. The device comes with a lifetime technical support for all customers.

personal breathlyzerSelf-breathalysers have been around for a while, but usually they need to be attached to the vehicle. There is a new self-breathalyser available on the market, which is small as a keychain, and battery operated. The mini-device makes use of a clearly visible LCD display and a traffic light style warning system. Breathing in the device for five seconds will return one of the three readings, where green is good to go, amber is wait before you drive, and red indicating one has had too much to drink i.e. driving is out of the question. The keychain breathalyser is quite accurate and can be the difference between losing and keeping your license, or being in an accident. This low cost, safety-first car gadget is a must have for all drivers.

smart headlight-see through rain and snow

This safety orientated device is still in the making, and probably won't be installed in cars in the near future, however its mere concept is rather amazing and worthy of sharing: it will help us drive in a heavy rain without us having to strain our eyes at all! The headlight projector is supposed to beam out focused light which aims to remove from view any rain drops lit by a car's headlights. The idea is good as night driving in rain is a hard and sometimes quite risky endeavour; however the device is also receiving mixed responses. The whole set up is indeed quite advanced, yet very delicate and way too technological say car experts. This device can be put to good use, but it is also likely to reduce caution on behalf of drivers in the rain as they will rely on the de-rain projector too much, and disregard their experience and instinct.

tire pressure reader

Keeping tyre pressure in check is vital for a safe drive, and a handheld digital tyre pressure reader can come in quite handy before and during a road trip. Tyres are an essential feature of any vehicle, as they provide the means of contact between vehicle and road. Overly inflated tyres, as well as flat tyres can be the cause of some nasty surprises. Many new vehicles which have an engine management function to their on-board computer will inform driver of tyre pressure changes automatically.

All these gadgets are safety-orientated, but there is one gadget however which is safety-ensuring, and many people will appreciate having one of these in their car.

carbon monoxide meter

The device in question is known as carbon monoxide detector and works much in the same way as smoke detectors for domestic use. The detector monitors gas emissions inside the vehicle's cabin and alerts the driver or passengers of changes in toxic gas levels. Carbon monoxide and dioxide are odourless, colourless yet highly toxic gasses which can cause poisoning or death, in the instance of driving - both. Vehicles with exhaust system issues, as well as older vehicles can expel dangerous amounts of toxic gasses inside the cabin and harm unsuspecting driver and occupants.

There are no guarantees on the road, but being prepared and some common sense can make all the difference. Be careful to arm up with the necessary gear for the road ahead. And while there are really indispensable gadgets, you should learn to discriminate among the different alternatives. Investing in a fun to use gadget does not necessary mean that it would help you while driving. There are certain examples that would actually ruin your concentration and would pose a threat to your safety like for instance the latest fad called Google Glass. A tech savvy fan of the innovative gadget decided that he could both speed and watch Glass - a mistake that fortunate only resulted in him getting a ticket.

So to wrap it up choose your car gadgets wisely - in case they monopolize your attention and require you to take a peek at their screen every once in a while they surely have to go, after all keeping your eyes on the road and avoiding getting into a car accident while on your way to the selected destination is what driving is all about.

Written and published by David Drasnin on behalf of Mr. Douglas R. Horn - an experienced car accident lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri. If you need a consultation after a traumatic car accident, contact HornLaw Injury Lawyers today.

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