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Building a Website to Deliver Value to Your Business

HttpA successful brand is the pillar of your business success. Customer is ready to spend their hard earned money for your products and services only when they trust your brand. And to see an emerging brand, every business ensures that their tools and investments are delivering the desired results. One of the important tools is your site website which is the first step towards an entire subset of work that goes into building your brand. So the question is, are you confident of your website? Does it add value to your business? Well, if you are not sure of your answer, here are a few simple tricks to make wonders with your website.

Concentrate on your website objectives:

  • Review your website goals and ask yourself whether there are any missed opportunities for the website to help your business
  • Using measuring tools such as Google Analytics is highly effective to measure your website's performance
  • Display contact information on the entire website page and try to capture user contact information and communication preferences at every data capture touchpoint
  • Reassure the visitors that their data's are respected and the privacy policy of the company ensures that such data are safe.

Up-to-date and interesting website:

  • Regular updates, added information, testimonials and new images can keep your website up-to-date and interesting
  • Share your company's events and its success stories with the users in the form of short articles, blogs and include them on your website
  • Include your website address on all promotional activities to encourage customers gain sufficient information to make any enquiry.

Simplicity is the key to success:

  • Imagining something complicated is easy but dealing practically with such complication makes life a bit difficult. Simplicity is the way of easing up things. It is the path of getting things done and increases the chances of success
  • Keep your website simple with a few pages about what you do and a blog. Your site definitely does not need multiple pages with content bleeding through the edges
  • Create content for your target audiences and cross-sell them across the site
  • Use videos and photographs to promote your products, services and events.

Make website navigation easy:

  • Your visitors should be able to locate the information they want. To make things convenient for them there are few important tasks required
  • Use different color and style for the navigation controls to indicate that it is selected and activated
  • Use breadcrumbs trails for every subpage so that the users can indicate their location within the site
  • To help the users set their expectations utilize link descriptions to provide tool tips
  • The data capture forms should have clearly indicated mandatory fields and that any fields with error validation is highlighted
  • While linking your website to any other external site or PDF file ensure that they open in a new browser window.

Brand's marketing story:

  • Your site and its marketing strategy should be connected together so that it reflects the credibility and reputation of your business
  • Align the social media channel branding with your web and print design
  • Use photographs and videos to show off your product and services and its philosophy and innovation
  • Reward your customers for their customs with initiatives that motivate them revisit your site
  • Use the same tone of voice throughout your website.

The necessity of a good search engine ranking:

  • All of the website pages should contain unique page titles and descriptions
  • The page title and primary page headers should use the same keyword and need to be tightly aligned
  • All the internal links should make sense out-of-context and are effusive
  • Get your business talk about the industry, societies and other local or national press with backlinks to your site
  • Register your business with Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing for Business.

Use the power of social media:

  • Make use of some of the popular social media sites such as Facebook to create Facebook pages for your business and them follow your audiences
  • Populate your Facebook timeline with all your achievements and highlight them by using content and imagery
  • Integrate Twitter feeds on to your website
  • Post information about your products and services on LinkedIn
  • Provide facilities for content sharing on your website so that content can be shared via social media and emails
  • Engage with people every day and communicate with them instead of hiding behind your brand name.

If these factors can be implemented properly you are on your path to create a powerful brand.

Sumita Das Dutta is a tech geek and a web analyst. She has also been associated with technical writing; blogging on Google web analytics services, SEO audit, responsive design, online marketing and social media engagement. She contributes articles for LeraBlog and Palmetto Web Design, Columbia SC.

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